How to change Windows 10 boot logo

How to change Windows 10 boot logo

Were you bored with the Windows 10 boot logo? Do you want to change with a more vivid image that contributes to the inspirational personality that creates work? Here how to change Windows 10 Startup Logo.

When you start the computer, the system will start the BIOS to test the device, which is called POST (Power-on Self Test). After checking the hardware devices, the system will detect the Master Boot Record file in the drive to load the operating system.

Boot Screen is the standby screen during system boot. The boot screen contains the logo of the operating system (Microsoft, Linux, Mac) or the manufacturer’s logo (OEM: Asus, Acer, Vaio).

Changing your Windows logo to your liking is no longer a hassle for the user. Here’s how to change the logo of the Windows 8/8.1/10 operating system with 8oot Logo Changer.

Using the 8oot Logo Changer to replace the Windows logo boot screen is pretty easy, but downloading and installing without notice will bring you dozens of unwanted software. So follow this article.

After downloading, you proceed to normal installation but pay attention to the message window install unnecessary software, please read and click Cancel or check the box as shown below. You will then be given the location of the main installation file.

After installation is complete, launch 8oot Logo Changer and notice two columns named Bitmaps and Testmode. First of all you need to upload an image that you want to make a logo for the boot screen by clicking on Load Picture and navigate to the image file.

If you are using Windows 8.1, before loading the image, you need to enable the Test Signing feature on the Testmode tab first. This step allows the user to “ask permission” Windows before proceeding to change the Windows logo, if not done, then restart the Logo will disappear and replaced by an empty space.

After adding the image, you select and edit the image in the Bitmap tab. And by default one image will be made up of six different images, and they all have the format .BMP. A small note is that you should back up the system to restore the state when the problem occurs by clicking Backup, after the backup is complete, click Generate bootres.dll and then Apply to enforce change.

A confirmation window will appear, click Yes to agree and restart the machine to check the results.

As mentioned above, when the Test Signing feature is turned ON, a test message will appear on the Desktop screen. To remove this message, launch 8oot Logo Changer and select the Test mode tab. Backup shell32.dll.mui and Backup basebrd.dll.mui to back up, then click Patch at each line. Finally click Restart Explorer to check the results of changes to Windows Logo.