How to change Skype name

How to change Skype name

When creating a Skype account and logging in successfully, users can completely change their personal information, update new information or change their display name for a personal Skype account. The display name of Skype will be different from the name when we log in. And you can change it to any name and change it many times. In the article below, we will guide you how to change Skype name.

Step 1: Sign in Skype account

First of all we need to login Skype account. At the main interface, click on Skype at the top of the interface, select Profile and then click on Edit Your Profile to edit personal information.

Or you can double-click on the Skype account name to quickly access the change of display name.

Step 2:

Switch to the interface edit personal information. In the first part, you double click on the current account name. Then we proceed to enter the desired display name on Skype. Next you need to click on the blue mark to save this new display name.

So after returning to the interface, we will see the Skype display name has been changed by the new name you just set. This new name will appear in the chat interface with friends.

The steps for changing the display name for a personal Skype account are simple. Skype does not limit the number of times that a display name is changed, nor does it change the name of the account. After entering the new name, just press the tick to save this change is complete.

Wish you success!