How to change desktop background on Windows 10

How to change desktop background on Windows 10

Want to change your desktop wallpaper with a new image instead of the default wallpaper boring Windows 10. You just installed Windows 10 so you do not know how to change the desktop wallpaper on Windows 10 how? So please refer to the article below.

If you have a nice image and want to set as desktop wallpaper on Windows 10 then you just right click on the image and select Set as desktop background.

As such, the background image will be changed to the one you chose.

Also to give you more options to change the wallpaper you can do the computer below:

Step 1 : On the Windows 10 desktop, right-click and select Personalize.

Step 2 : In the Settings window , in the Background you have 3 options set wallpaper:

  • Picture : set the image as wallpaper.
  • Solid color : The background image is a color image.
  • Slideshow : slide photo (after 1 time will transfer another wallpaper).

1. Picture

If you choose the background picture , appears Choose your picture you can select the image of Win 10 or choose Browse if you want to select the picture on the computer as wallpaper.

Open the window you choose the image you want to set as wallpaper and select Choose picture.

Next you select the size displayed in the Choose a fit section.

2. Solid color

If you choose the background color is Solid color color you choose the background color in the Choose your background color.

Click Custom color if you want to add more colors.

So your desktop wallpaper will be changed by the color you choose.

3. Slideshow

If you select the slideshow , you need to select the folder containing the image that you want the image as the background image on Windows 10 computer by selecting Browse in Choose albums for your slideshow.

The Select Folder window appears . Navigate to and select the folder containing the image as your desktop wallpaper and select Choose this folder.

In Change picture every you choose the time to transfer the wallpaper (1 minute, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, 1 day).

In the Choose a fit section you also select the size of the image display. If you want the option to change random desktop background then you drag to turn on the Shuffle.

Thus your computer will be constantly changing wallpaper by the time and the images you have chosen.

Here are the types of computer wallpaper changes on Windows 10 that you can quickly make to change the desktop wallpaper. Hope this article will help you do not know how to change the desktop wallpaper on Windows 10. Wish you success!