How to change the color of objects in Adobe Photoshop that you should know

How to change the color of objects in Adobe Photoshop that you should know

Photoshop help users change the color of the subject, which may be the change shirt colors, hair color, watercolor paint, … although this is one of the most basic tricks of Photoshop, but many still plenty of users I do not know how to work fast to get the real picture.

Of course, this is an article that guides the color of objects in Photoshop, so the minimum requirement is that you need Adobe Photoshop installed.

There are three ways to change the color of the object, but this article will guide you how to implement the most popular method, the fastest.

In Photoshop, it is possible to understand that this feature changes the color of the object in the image. When using Replace Color, all of the colors in the image or selection are replaced. Change to another color.

You can select a color space with the Lasso tool from Photoshop so that changing the color of the object does not affect other areas of the image, select the lasso tool as shown and place the desired area ( Make sure the start and end locations meet at one point.

Then go to Image> Adjustments> Replace Color.

Then select the color code you want to change, so simply select the color tube in the Replace Color option box, immediately at the Selection black screen will appear the subject you need to change.

In addition, you can use up to 2 color sucking options next to increase / decrease selection, Fuzziness feature is also pretty, help adjust the intensity of the selection.

Hue, Saturation or Lightness will help you change the color, light and purity of the selected object. You can align them to change colors to fit the eyes. Finally, click the OK button to save the changes.

To remove the selection before saving the image, select Ctrl + D. Hopefully with the way to change the color on the best support for you in the process of image processing in Photoshop. Good luck.