How to adjust date and time on Windows 10

To set the time and change the date and time on Windows 10, follow these steps:

Step 1: Right mouse on the date and time shown below the right corner of the screen -> select adjust date/time:

Step 2: A dialog box appears select the Date & Time -> done off ( Off) setting automatic settings and time zone to be able to adjust -> click on change to adjust the date and time:

Step 3: The dialog box appears making the changes as follows:

– Change the date in the item: Date.

 Change the position now in Time, letters AM is the only time the afternoon, AM the morning time.

– Click Change to confirm changes.

Step 4: You can re-select time zone in Time Zone:

Step 5: Also, you can choose the format for display date and time depending on your preference, click on Change date and time formats in the Formats section :

Step 6: The window that appears contains the following options:

– First day of week: Determine the first day of the week, which is used to arrange the date on the calendar.

– Short date: The shortest date format.

Long date: The longest date format.

– Short time: The shortest time format.

– Long time: Longest time format.


Here are detailed instructions on how to adjust the time on Windows 10, how to change the date and time on Windows 10. Wish you success!