How to access a Wi-Fi network when you forget or do not know the password


In the busy world, you forget your Wi-Fi (WiFi) password at home or at work, or even want to access another Wi-Fi network without entering a password. All will be revealed in today’s article!

Each Wi-Fi modem is now equipped with the WPS feature, which is a new standard for accessing Wi-Fi networks easily and quickly.

WPS is equipped with two main features:

  • A WPS PIN is a sequence of numbers that gives you access to a Wi-Fi network instead of a network password.
  • The WPS button on the modem gives you access to your Wi-Fi network without entering any passwords.

Guide to Wi-Fi networks when forgetting passwords using WPS


  • This trick only works when the WPS feature on the modem is enabled (default enabled).
  • It is recommended to use WPS access to your owned Wi-Fi networks or you have permission to use them.
  • Need to use WI-Fi modem to operate.
  • This trick does not apply to devices running the iOS operating system.

Option 1: On your Android smartphone, go to Settings> Network & Internet (or Wi-Fi dependent on your device)> Wi-Fi> Select the Wi-Fi network to access.

Next flip through the modem to find and remember the WPS PIN (if any), then use this sequence instead of the Wi-Fi password. Option 1 will not work if the user has changed the default WPS PIN code provided by the manufacturer, you can use it in the second way with a 100% success rate.

Option 2: On your smartphone go to Settings> Network and Internet (or Wi-Fi depending on your device)> Wi-Fi> Scroll down and select “Wi-Fi Options”.

Then go to Advanced> WPS push button. At this point, the interface connected to the Wi-Fi modem will appear.

Now you need to find the WPS push button on the Wi-Fi modem, which will have the symbol “WPS” or two knit arrows on each other. After finding you just hold down the button on your Wi-Fi modem for 2-5 seconds and release it to automatically connect your smartphone to this Wi-Fi network without entering any passwords.

Very simple and fast right? Hope this trick will be “savior” for you in many cases need to access the Wi-Fi network.