How Softlayer became IBM’s public cloud provider

How Softlayer became IBM’s public cloud provider

Softlayer is a cloud computing company founded in 2005. Its rapid growth in the private cloud market has attracted many companies. Softlayer currently belongs to IBM. Explain.

Softlayer was born in 2005. The expertise of this company is based in Dallas Texas? Deploy Infrastructure in the form of Services or IaaS solution to store data on a large scale. From 2005 to 2013, she quickly developed her architecture. It currently controls 14 data centers and manages 100,000 servers in the United States, Europe and Asia.

His strengths? A solution based on automatic control of physical and virtual devices via API allows customers to deploy public cloud, physical server and private cloud instances via Softlayer VPS access points and VPN.

Brilliant launches for Softlayer

This rapid growth of Softlayer has been noticeably made possible by its acquisition in 2010 most of the stake in GI Partners, a private investment fund. The goal is to get another data center and related service provider, neighbor Theplanet, based in Houston, Texas. The value of the activity: $ 2.35 million.

In 2011, Softlayer expanded its customer base, making it one of the largest private cloud storage companies in the world. The leaders declared at that time hosting 81,000 servers for 26,000 customers in the United States and a turnover of $ 78 million in the first half of this year.

Of course, a company like Softlayer is very interested in big names in Cloud computing, starting with IBM, the company has increased 80% of revenue from this activity in 2012. IT giant sees in This expert IaaS is a way to gain market share in this highly rated field.

It is primarily a way to control the entire value chain around IBM’s cloud services. We found them in Bluemix and the famous Deep Learning solution, Watson. Therefore, Big Blue wants to provide services through its own infrastructure.

Softlayer, Bluemix: IBM chose

In 2013, IBM bought the Softlayer for $ 2 billion. The company keeps its name by becoming a subsidiary of the company. This activity was completed in June 2013 and quickly followed by announcements. It is easier to remember when opening a data center in Paris, especially in Clichy in 2014. The installation of Softlayer technology in France attracted special attention.

However, we must not forget the work done in less than two years by the company. In 2015, Softlayer based in IBM stated that they have 23 data centers in 11 countries around the world. Collaboration with California Data Center manager Digital reality is very important to complete this $ 1.2 billion expansion.

Therefore, Softlayer is at the heart of IBM’s cloud strategy until 2016. But last year saw the decline of traditional Big Blue activities. Cloud revenue has increased 35% over the same period last year, but market share is much lower than Amazon, mastodon has been operating in the industry for more than a decade.

To achieve clarity and clarity from customers and investors, IBM chose to abandon Softlayer brand image. So in October 2016, the company’s executives announced that the name Softlayer would disappear little by little to support the Bluemix brand.

Therefore, it is now possible to provide Softlayer services from IBM Business Accounts. In fact, IaaS expert website always refers to sites that offer Bluemix.

Softlayer and its price

This change of identity comes with Softlayer discounts, meaning that prices are calculated, and this is in the third quarter of 2016.

New price bases can be found on the Softlayer website. The incentives are divided into two entities: physical server and physical server. The first offer starts at $ 0.368 per hour or $ 158 per month for a service in less than half an hour and a storage facility of 500 GB. The second offer for cloud storage is charged from $ 0.038 per hour or $ 25 per month. This time, customers have 250 GB of storage.

This is obviously a facility because the company can provide storage services supported by 56-core processor and 242 GB RAM for very large tasks (Deep learning or data processing in time real).

The market plunged

Although this rate is reduced, this does not prevent large Softlayer / IBM IaaS customers from leaving the ship. This is Whatsapp messaging case that changed ice cream factory and store customer data on the “on-premises” infrastructure of Facebook owners.

Competitors in the Bare Metal server market are dedicated to storing containerized technologies such as Docker Swarm or Rancher platform.

The last thorn at IBM’s feet, the company’s Houston-based infrastructure was no longer active after the storm Harvey attacked the town last weekend. “Innovation or death” is the company’s motto since 2005. IBM will succeed in gaining a position in the cloud? Questions still to explore.

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