How much time do you spend watching Youtube?

Recently, the YouTube app has updated the YouTube watch time for all mobile users.

This feature allows users to control the time spent using the YouTube app of themselves or children, and allows for setting alarms when using the specified time.

Step 1: Check the YouTube app on your phone has been updated to the latest version

Step 2: Open the YouTube app and select the account setup icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen> Select Time watch.

Step 3: Here you will see a table of information including the time of day, day yesterday, past week and finally time. Average viewing time (Daily average).

Step 4: To set up a reminder message if you watch over time, turn on the “Remind me to take a break” feature at the bottom. Set the time, you set the time of your choice.

Each time you use YouTube beyond the specified time, the app notifies you to restrict watch time.

Hope this trick will help you and do not forget to share with your friends to apply.