Hotmail sign up – How to create Hotmail account


Today, the most popular method of e-mail communication is increasing. How to create a Hotmail email address? How to get Hotmail email addresses easily and quickly. Here are all the curious details about getting your e-mail.

E-mail, also known as email or email, is a digitized form of letters. Before you can use e-mail, you must first create your own e-mail address. There are many e-mail service providers where you can create an e-mail address. Some of these are; Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook etc.

Hotmail sign up – How to create account?

To create an e-mail address, you must select one of the e-mail service providers. Usually Hotmail is used to send or receive mail in the fastest and safest way. How to create an email address with Microsoft Hotmail?

• First, visit the website.

• Click the register button at the bottom of the login.

• Write the requested information from you.

• Choose any email address you want.

• Fill out the verification chart at the bottom of the page. After you have performed all of these actions, you can use your mail address and you can see the message coming in your inbox. If you want to create an email address with any other email address provider, the only thing you will do is replace the page with another provider of your choice to visit their website and repeat the onions. same action there.

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