Gmail: This is how you only display unread emails


Anyone using Gmail webmail or even a mobile app will soon find a feature: View unread messages. Google does not offer fast categorization, but you can use tips to list all your unread emails. Netzwelt reveals how it works.

Thunderbird, Outlook or Windows Live Mail: More and more Gmail users without third-party software and based on Google’s mobile applications or webmail. Sending, receiving and managing emails is easy and Gmail offers many different functions.

Specifically, however, here and there is a lack of useful features like sorting by unread e-mail. Nowhere you can find a button that allows you to filter messages by reading status. In the following section, we show you how you can display your unread messages in the web mailer and in the Android app with a little tip.

Incidentally, viewing unread messages does not only work in the webmail, but also in the email application’s Android application. Below we’ll show you step by step how to display unread messages in the mobile app.