Gmail login

Gmail login

What is Gmail?

Gmail launched on April 1, 2004, originally thought to be Google’s quote when Gmail provided 1GB of storage.

By 2009, Gmail is in beta, and people are now free to create their own email with services provided by Google.

Now, among the free email services available, Gmail is the most popular, it will be for ease of use or even because it is provided free by Google well known. In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to create a free email address with Gmail, how to download a mobile app, and basic functions to use it in the best way in your email account.


If you do not have an account, just sign up Gmail, create a Gmail account through a few simple steps can be login to Gmail to send email. If you do not know how to do, you can go to to find Understand how to register gmail, set up gmail account.


Step 1: From Chrome browser, Firefox or Microsoft Edge, you click directly HERE TO LOGIN

Or you can also go to or to login.

For your phone, please see how to sign in to Gmail on your phone here:

Sign in to the new version of Gmail.

Step 2: In the window that appears, you enter your email address, you may not need to enter the section also because the system will automatically identify your account. Click Next to confirm and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Enter the password and click Next to enter Gmail.

Step 4: Mailbox Gmail interface after successful login.

Now gmail users can block Gmail senders directly by using the new Gmail built-in Block feature, which you can refer to: Block Gmail Senders for more. detail.


* On iPhone

First of all you need to download Gmail for iPhone here: Gmail for iPhone.

First, you choose the Gmail app installed on your iPhone.

Next, enter Gmail account name -> Enter Gmail password -> Sign in (sign in).

At this point you have successfully posted Gmail. You can create a new message…

Just like editing your mailbox.

On Android, you refer to Sign In Gmail on Android.

Just like on the iPhone, you need to get Gmail for Android phone here: Gmail for Android.


After Gmail successfully signed in, your account now has information like compose new emails, inboxes, sent messages, drafts …

To Send Gmail, Compose You Compile You Do the Following:

  • 1: Click on the word COMPOSE (or COMPOSE) – as shown below.
  • 2: (number 2 in the picture) you enter the email you want to send, here I will email to a person whose email address is:
  • 3: Enter the mail header: Here you enter the mail header, summarize the main content of the mail.
  • 4: Enter the contents of the mail.
  • 5: Get the SEND button (or SEND).

To View Email You Do Following:

You click on SEND MAIL – as shown below:

This will display the email you have sent, you can review it by double clicking left on the email and viewing.

To View Email To (Inbox) You Do The Following:

You click on INBOX (Inbox) – as shown below:

This will display the email sent to you, you can open the email by double-clicking the left mouse button on the email and see, you can reply to read, reply to the email you received.

There’s a way for you to stay signed in to Gmail more than once to see if there’s an email or new message. That is, use Gmail Notifier. With a single login on Gmail Notifier, when gmail has new mail, Gmail Notifier will immediately notify you, and you can view the contents of the message on the Gmail Notifier without login Gmail.


You conduct Gmail login and compose mail as normal. Then click into the symbol two T.

Here are the font sizes for your choice: Small, Normal, Lagre and Huge.


First, you also Gmail login -> proceed to compose Gmail -> To select the font color, you click on the letter A and select the color.

Here you can choose the background color and text color.

So that is how has guided you to sign Gmail as well as how to send and receive Gmail on the computer, laptop. This is probably the quickest way to get into Gmail on a laptop. From there you can email anyone in your contacts or email addresses. There is a mailbox like Gmail, yahoo also support you send mail, if you have Yahoo account, you just log in Yahoo and use the available only.

In addition, Gmail supports the same search method Google Search and here is another advantage of Gmail compared to other competitors such as Yahoo Mail or Outlook. Once you have a gmail account, signing in to Gmail is a breeze. Another point to note is that, with Gmail, you can create beautiful and professional Gmail signatures to let the recipient know exactly their name as well as address and telephone number.

Currently, the status of fiber optic cable in Vietnam is often broken, the Internet connection to the international market so that slowly, then the Gmail login becomes extremely difficult, but there are ways to Gmail when the fiber optic cable which shared in the previous post.

For Gmail users, it’s possible to sign up for Facebook using Gmail instead of using a phone number, and sign up for Facebook with Gmail, which will help you avoid revealing your phone number when you visit facebook in public internet stores.

In the process of using Gmail, a lot of people fall into the plight of spam (Daily receive a lot of spam from unknown Gmail accounts). It’s not difficult to block spam in Gmail, you just have to do some basic things to stop this situation.

E-mail is one of the services that help people communicate and work together, particularly with students. They often send and receive e-mails from teachers, friends, maybe CVs or application forms. It is also possible to report work by email, email business with partners, business cooperation letters, …. There is one thing that we do not attach importance to, especially the students. New graduate or new to work, that is the culture send and receive Email.