Gmail Label: Keep you email Organize and Categorize


With a normal Gmail account, all the incoming mail will focus on one item and cause many difficulties in the process of retrieving an email from someone. If you do not have a lot of experience managing Gmail, the following article may be what you need to categorize Gmail and streamline your Gmail inbox for the best results.

Mail will be classified by nature or by individual, sending organization, important mail to save, mail job to be checked regularly … All will be split and sorted into separate items, then Named for memorable and recognizable later.

How to sort messages in Gmail, categorize Gmail messages

Step 1: You login to your Gmail account, then left click on More, select Create new label.

Step 2: New window appears, you name this new item in the Please enter a new label name box and click Create to create. 

New items have appeared beside the item list (left hand). We can do all the work with this new folder as with other items (move, delete, bookmark …). 

Step 3: Start searching and moving the classified messages to the new folder by:

  • Go to the inbox, tick the message to separate.
  • Select the file icon and locate the destination for these messages. 

  • Move the selected messages to the new location
  • The post will be accompanied by the name of the folder containing it (as shown in the picture is Mr.July). 

Step 4: Since it is created as a main folder, similar to the default items (Inbox, Draft, Sent Mail …), the item you just created can also add other child labels. Just click on the down arrow icon of the item and select Add sublabel below. 

Continue to enter the name for this item and select Create.
Continue to enter the name for this item and select Create.

If you do not like or want to delete, just re-select the arrow icon and Remove the label is gone. In addition, these new items can also customize the color to be more visible. 

The number of labels that can be created is unlimited, you can create and name them as you like, then do as this article to sort and arrange incoming messages in their own order. This is a must-have feature if you regularly use Gmail to work.