Gmail: Account setup – how it works


Want an e-mail address from Google? Setting up a Gmail account is not difficult. We will show you how to get a free e-mail address from the search engine giant in this guide.

Search engine giant Google offers you a free e-mail account with Gmail. Gmail has some special features.

For example: Google filters almost all messages that contain spam, viruses, and Trojans and immediately puts them into the Spam folder. So you do not get to see the messages unless you call up the directory manually. More effective protection against e-mail-based threats does not exist with other email service providers.

You can also make your Gmail inboxes more organized by category. For example, messages from a social network are moved to the same category. Plus, labels keep you up to date. This put their own. On the label color, you will quickly find the folder you are looking for.

Sign up for a free email address with Gmail

When you set up your free Gmail account, we’ll show you step by step in the following photo gallery.

To sign in Gmail inbox, simply fill in the form with your username and password after clicking the login button and clicking “Sign In” again.

Change Gmail settings

To adjust the settings in your inbox, you can upload them via the gear icon in the top right.

For example, you can use settings to add other email addresses to your account and receive them through Gmail.

For example, you can use the gear icon to change your mailbox design. You can use one of the provided images or upload and use your own photos.

To make it easy to use Gmail on the go, there’s a Gmail app for Android and iOS.

The basic functions of Gmail

Here are some basic features, such as reading emails, deleting emails, writing emails, creating contact lists, and changing passwords in Gmail.

At, you’ll also learn how to sync contacts on your Android phone with Gmail.

In another guide, we’ll show you how to change your Gmail password.

Gmail: set up the signature

Using signatures will make it easier for you to write e-mails. Because you have set up a signature, you do not need to manually write your name, address and phone number in e-mail each time. In, we show you how to set up a signature for your Gmail account.

Set up Gmail address forwarding

If you have multiple e-mail addresses, adding your e-mail account to your Gmail account will make it easier for you to retrieve them. Another easy way to get it is to forward email to your Gmail account. Also on the network, you’ll find instructions on setting up forwarding for your Gmail account.