Gmail: 9 tips to be more effective

Not only intuitive, you can customize Gmail to suit your needs. Many add-ons make working with Gmail faster. You will also manage large email collections more efficiently with the tips in this article. Learn the hidden Gmail features in this guide.

Gmail is not just a simple e-mail program, it offers even more. Here’s how to personalize Google’s Freemail service, find hidden features, and efficiently manage your large email collections.

Change Gmail theme

¬†You can change your Gmail inbox design in the Freemail settings menu. First, login Gmail account. Click the gear on the right side of the browser and select “Styles” in the context menu.

This opens a large window with many different styles. They are divided into different color variants, HD designs and classic designs. In addition, you can choose random designs and surprise every day again. If you like it clearly, opt for something classic or a neutral color scheme. Colorful HD designs can distort the clarity of the program. To apply the configured type, simply click on the corresponding thumbnail. Changes are saved automatically.

Add email to Task Scheduler

Your Google Mail Scheduler is integrated with your Gmail inbox. This allows you to create and manage important conversations directly in the form of tasks. For example, you do not forget to reply to an important e-mail or to remind you of appointments that are due.

  • To access your Gmail mailbox tasks, just click “Gmail” or “Email” in the upper left of your Inbox and then “Actions.”
  • The task scheduler will appear in a small window at the bottom right.
  • Now open up an e-mail and click on “More” at the top of the menu bar. To add an e-mail to your to-do list, click Add to Tasks in the shortcut menu.
  • E-mail will automatically appear in the Actions window at the bottom left. There you can take notes and set a due date.

Undo sending e-mails

After you send the email in Gmail, you can recover your email in seconds. How to enable hidden functionality for retrieval of your e-mails:

  • Open the settings via the right gear and click on “Settings” in the context menu.
  • Go to the Labs tab in the navigation bar. Scroll down to the “Undo delivery” section. Put here the “Activate” section.
  • Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Save Changes.”
  • If you send an e-mail now, a yellow bar will appear at the top of the screen for a short time. Here you can click “Undo”. The submission process will be canceled and the message will reopen for editing.

Turn on notifications outside the office

If you are on holiday and you can not or do not want to respond to an email, you can set a vacation notification in Gmail. This answers your incoming email with a standard message. This will notify your contact person about when you came back or your representative during your absence.

  • Open the menu through the top right gear and click on “Settings”.
  • Scroll all the way down the holiday message. Here you first determine the time in which an automated message is sent. Below you write the subject and text of your standard message. To protect your privacy, you decide whether the message should only be sent to your contacts or to any sender. Finally, place “Out of Office Notice Activated” and click on “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.

Activate the preview window

The preview feature for email may be familiar to you from Microsoft Outlook. There you will optionally find a window next to your conversations displaying the content of a selected e-mail. You can also show the preview window in Gmail:

  • Go to settings and switch to the “Labs” tab. Scroll down to the “Preview window” option and set the item to “On”. Then click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.

Use Gmail search

The Gmail mailbox search feature not only removes your conversations for individual terms. Alternatively, you can also use search to display all unread e-mails or conversations with attachments.

  • Unread emails in any folder can be found by entering “is: unread” in the search field above and confirming with [Enter]. Gmail will then list all unread messages.
  • Similarly, if you just want to list emails with attachments. Enter the “has: attachment” command on the search string and all messages with the attachment will be displayed.

Recover deleted contacts

If you accidentally delete a contact that you really need while deleting the contact list, it can easily be recovered.

  • Click “E-mail” or “Gmail” at the top and select “Contacts”.
  • Then click “Add” in the menu above and “Restore contacts”.
  • Then, a window opens, in which you can restore the data at a specified time. This will bring you back to the contacts you have saved at that point. After selecting the time to restore your Gmail contacts, click Restore. Disadvantage: All other failed contacts will also be restored.

Special highlights for markers

To mark your email, you can mark them with a yellow star. If you want to bookmark your conversations according to different priorities or different criteria, the yellow stars will not help you any further. For this, you can change the color of the star or even the whole icon.

  • Open settings by clicking the gear in the top right corner and selecting “Settings” in the context menu.
  • Scroll down under “General” to the “Star” point. Here you can drag and drop stars or symbols that you want to use from the bottom line to the top line.
  • Then click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.
  • In the inbox, highlight the tags by clicking the star in front of the message until the desired icon appears.
  • Optionally, you even search your conversations for designated markers. For example, if you only search for messages with a red star as a marker, enter the following search term in the search bar: “is: starred has: red-star”. Then click the blue button with the magnifying glass.

Quick access to Gmail features

A small “Quick Link” extension that saves links to common features in Gmail. This is especially useful if you regularly search your conversations for specific criteria or unread messages. Saved links will help you to manually enter your search text. You can also access your Gmail settings with one click.

  • To activate the tool, first open the menu through the right gear. In the context menu, click “Settings”.
  • Navigate to “Labs” at the top of the menu and scroll down to the “Quick Links” option. Place the item here before “Activate”. Scroll down and click “Save Changes.”
  • In the left column of your Gmail inbox, you’ll see a “Quick Links” section. Here’s how to save any links in your Gmail inbox: Open the feature or folder you want to visit via the link. For example, save your email search with attachments. In the search field above, enter the search text “has: attachment” and click [Enter] -key. You will now see the search results. Click “Add Quick Links” to open a window where you can enter a name for the link. Finally, click “OK”.
  • In the future, use the Quick Links tool in the left column of your Gmail inbox to search. Therefore, the annoying input of the search term will be discarded.