Free up a tons of Hardware Space on Windows 10 after Update


Windows 10 is a complete, user-friendly Microsoft. You can download the Windows 10 installer and install it for your computer quickly.

Most recently, the updated version of Windows 10 October release. But the update to Windows 10 spent a lot of hard drive space. But we can get back to that by doing the following.

Step 1: Open Start menu, then click System, and Storage.

Step 2: Select Free up space now to scan the computer files.

Step 3. Windows will scan your drive and you will see a list of files you can remove and the amount of drive space they are using. Here you want to focus on “Previous Windows Installations” (it will be GBs in size) and check it.

In fact, while you’re here, you might as well check the other options form the list if you want to clean up more space. After making your selections, go ahead and click the “Remove Files” button.

Step 4: After computer has finished scanning, you have completed the process of freeing up memory, regaining lost space.