Fixed ISDone.dll error on Windows 10


ISDone.dll error usually occurs during game installation on Windows 10 and earlier versions of Windows. The main cause of the error is due to insufficient memory to handle missing or corrupt DLLs or applications. Large games are frequent victims because of the lack of available RAM.

To fix the ISDone.dll error on Windows 10, you need to focus on two main factors: 1 is memory and the other is DLL. As for RAM, there are two possible scenarios, or the amount of RAM on Windows 10 is not enough to handle applications, games or hardware failures.

Refer to the ISDone.dll fix on Windows 10 in the next section.


Go to Safe Mode and install Game

Large games contain a lot of files, and these files can cause conflicts with drivers installed in your system or third-party software. The solution is to boot into Safe Mode and install the game.

Once access to Safe Mode, all these applications will not load, giving up empty space so that you can install the game and no longer crash ISDone.dll.

Step 1: Press and hold Shift and restart your computer by clicking the Start button on the taskbar, then selecting the Power icon and choosing Restart.

Step 2: After your computer boots into Safe Mode, proceed to install the game that displays the ISDone.dll error.

Step 3: Use the Windows + R key combination to open the Run window, then type msconfig into it and hit Enter or click OK.

Step 4: On the System Configuration window, navigate to the Boot tab. Here you uncheck the box next to the Safe boot option located in the Boot options and then click Apply => OK.

After the computer boots up, you can freely install and play the game without the ISDone.dll error anymore.

If the ISDone.dll error on Windows 10 is related to RAM, you can refer to the corrective steps below.

Solution Fix ISDone.Dll Error On Windows 10 Regarding RAM

If the ISDone.dll error on Windows 10 is related to RAM or memory, here’s how to fix it.

Increase Paging File Size

Big games take up a few tens of gigabytes of space, so your computer’s RAM does not have enough space for storage. Windows uses a file called a paging file to do virtual memory, storing data that can not be contained if the memory is full.

The solution is to increase the size of the paging file to store the game.

Step 1: Press Windows + R to open the Run command, then enter sysdm.cpl into it and press Enter or click OK.

Step 2: On the System properties window, click the Advanced tab. Here you choose Settings under Performance.

Step 3: On the screen will display the Performance Options window, where you click the Advanced tab, then select the Change button in Virtual memory.

Step 4: On the Virtual Memory window, uncheck the option to Automatically manage the paging file size for all drives, then select the Custom size option.

In the Initial size (MB) box, enter 100 and the Maximum size (MB) is 300 (note that you can increase this size if your game is large), then click OK.

The popup window will prompt you to reboot the system to apply the change. Click OK to continue.

After the computer boots up, try installing the game and see the ISDone.dll error.

Delete Temporary Files (Temp File)

Step 1: Press the Windows + X key combination to open the Power User Menu, then press R to open the Run dialog box and enter% TEMP% in it and press Enter or click OK.

Step 2: On the Temp folder window, select all the files and folders in there and then click Delete to delete those files and folders.

Run the Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool

If after increasing the Paging file size the ISDone.dll error persists. In this case, using the Windows Memory Diagnostics tool will help you fix the ISDone.dll error.

Step 1: Click Start, then type Memory Diagnostics into the Search box on the Start menu and hit Enter.

On the popup window, select the option Restart now and check for problems.

Step 2: After the computer restarts, the system will display a blue screen running the RAM test. Once the process is finished, you can view the report on the actual state of the RAM and decide what to do.

Also you can use Analyze Resources Performance in Task Manager to analyze computer memory. If it detects faulty RAM or low RAM, it is best to replace or transplant RAM.

Run Disk Cleanup

Windows installation files consume a lot of memory, especially old Windows installation files. Game installation may be interrupted due to insufficient free space, so Disk Cleanup will be a great solution in this case.

Step 1: Press the Windows key, then enter cleanmgr into the Search box and press Enter. On the list of results, select Disk Cleanup.

Step 2: Select the drive you want to scan.

Disk Cleanup calculates how much space you can free up. This process may take a few minutes.

Step 3: In the next window, in the Files to delete section, select all the items and click OK.

Also, you can run CCleaner to clean up junk files again, CCleaner is a system cleaner, optimizer, removal software and many other benefits that you can exploit.

Solution Fix ISDone.Dll Error Related to DLL File

DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library, which supports the execution of many tasks on the Windows operating system. The System32 folder in the installation drive includes all the .dll files assigned to different functions. Usually the game also contains .dll files, but when your CD or DVD drive fails, there are many problems. If there is an ISDone.dll error on Windows 10, here are some ways to fix it.

Invalid Virus Removal Programs

Windows Firewall and Windows Defender help protect your system from malicious files, but sometimes it also prevents you from installing games loaded from different sources. To fix ISDone.dll errors on Windows 10 during game installation, try disabling Windows Firewall and Windows Defender to see if the problem is resolved.

Step 1: Press the Windows + R key combination to open the Run command window (or alternatively, press Windows + X to open the Power User Menu, then press R to open the Run window).

Enter the following command in the Run window and press enter:

ms-settings: windowsdefender

Step 2: Select Open Windows Defender Security Center in the right pane of the Settings window.

Step 3: The screen will display a new window, where you click on Virus & threat protection. On the next window, select the link Virus & threat protection settings. Then convert the Real-time protection option to OFF.

The steps above to disable Windows Defender. The next step you need to do now is disable the firewall (firewall).

Step 4: Click the Home icon on the left of the Windows Defender Security center. Then scroll down to find and select Firewall & network protection.

Step 5: Click on Public network and switch to OFF. Similarly select Private network and switch to OFF.

The error of ISDone.dll on Windows 10 no longer appears during the installation of the game.

Important note: 3rd party anti-virus software can also cause conflicts with game installation files, so you must also disable or uninstall that third-party antivirus software. if installed).

Run System File Checker

In some cases the loss may be due to system files being corrupted. In this case you can run the SFC / SCANNOW command to check the computer system and fix the error.

Step 1: Open the Command Prompt under Admin. To do this, click Start, and then type cmd into the Search box. On the list of search results, right-click on the command prompt and select Run as administrator.

Step 2: Next enter the following command into the Command Prompt window and press Enter and wait until the command is executed:

sfc /scannow

After your computer restarts, try to reinstall the game and check if the ISDone.dll error is present.

Re-register the ISDone.Dll file

Damaged or corrupt ISDone.dll files can also be the main cause of this, so in this case you will have to re-register the ISDone.dll file to fix the problem.

Step 1: Open the Command Prompt under Admin. To do this, click Start, and then type cmd into the Search box. On the list of search results, right-click on the command prompt and select Run as administrator.

Step 2: In the Command Prompt window, enter the following command and press Enter to re-register the ISDone.dll file:

regsvr32 Isdone.dll

If you receive the error message “unarc.dll returned an error code -1 ERROR: archive data corrupted (decompression fails)”, run the following command:

regsvr32 unarc.dll

Fix Isdone.Dll Error By DLL File

This method applies in cases where the DLL file is missing or damaged.

Step 1:

– If you can not fix Isdone.dll on Windows 10 with the above methods, you can try replacing it with a new Isdone.dll file by downloading HERE.

If you receive an error message unarc.dll, you can also replace it with the new unarc.dll file HERE.

Step 2: After downloading 2 files, right-click each file, select Extract or unzip to extract the files.

Step 3: Navigate to the installation drive and look for the directory C: / Windows / System32. Copy the files you just extracted and paste into this folder.

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