Fixed installation and installation of Microphone in Windows

Fixed installation and installation of Microphone in Windows

If a mic connected to this computer does not work it can be a setup problem rather than a problem with the microphone itself.

Follow these steps to check and fix the microphone settings in Windows 10:

1. Right-click on the speaker icon at the bottom right of the screen.

2. Click on ‘ Recording Devices ‘.

3. A list of recording devices will appear. Try saying your microphone, and see if there are any green bars up next to one of them while you talk (as in the screenshot).

4. If you do not see any blue bars go to step 5.

If you see the green bars when you say into the microphone, but it still does not work in some programs, then that means the mic is configured properly in Windows but the program is listening to the recording device false. Try changing the settings of your program.

5. Check that you can recognize which one of the devices in the list are your microphone. If you find it, click on it to highlight it, and then click Set Default.

6. Check if the green bars are rising when you speak into the microphone. If you do your mic now is exactly set. If not, continue to the next step.

7. Double-click the device that represents your microphone. The Microphone Properties window will appear. Click the Levels tab.

8. In the level tab, drag the slider all the way to the right, until the right number says “100”.

9. Click OK .

10. Now check again if you see green bars rising when you speak into the microphone: if you do, your mic is currently configured correctly.

11. If you still do not see any bars, and you are not 100% sure which one of these devices is the one related, try the 5-10 steps for each device in the following list. .

12. If you still do not see any blue bars, left click inside the “Recording” tab and make sure “Show Disabled Devices” has a tick next to it. If it does not click on it to mark it

13. This can add extra devices to the list. Perform steps 5-10 on the device too, until you see the green bars when talking into the mic.

14. That’s it, check it works. If not, try uninstalling your drivers and then letting Windows automatically reinstall them (explained below). This has helped many users.

How to uninstall and then reinstall your micro drivers

1. Device manager open, the fastest way is through the search bar:

2. Open ‘Audio inputs and outputs

3. Left click on your recording device.

4. In the menu that opens, click ‘ Uninstall ‘.

5. Physically disconnect your microphone from the computer.

6. Restart the computer.

7. Reconnect the microphone and let Windows reinstall the driver.

8. If that does not work, or, head over to our forum and we will try to help.

Specific solution for users with IDT High Definition Audio Codec Device

1. Device management open, the fastest way is through the search bar:

2. Open ‘Audio inputs and outputs

3. Double-click on your recording device ” High Definition Audio Codec .”

4. Go to the ” Driver ” tab.

5. Click on ‘ Update Driver ‘.

6. Click ‘Browse my computer for driver software’.

7. Click ‘Let me pickup a list of device drivers on my computer’.

8. Select ‘ High Definition Audio Device ‘, and do not ‘ IDT High Def ‘, and click Next.

9. You will receive a warning. Click on ” Yes “.

10. Check if it works.

Specific solution for users with VIA HD Audio device

Many VIA users are having problems with recording and / or playback since they switched to Windows 10. If you are one of those who try to download and install Daniel_K’s variable driver.

Please note:

It seems that many users who switch to Windows 10 are having microphone problems even after reading this article. If you are one of them, ask your question in our forum, and we will try our best to help you. As we have read more information through the forums, we update this article with tips that are suitable for specific devices.



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