Fixed a bug where the date and time could not be edited on the computer


Failure to correct the date and time on your computer puts you in a difficult situation in arranging work or study, many people lead to time errors on the computer that you can not fix, follow the same. below to know how to fix it.

The number of days and hours on a computer is very important, and it directly affects the work and study results of those who regularly use computers, most notably those who work on Excel.

There are many cases where the computer runs out of time, when you change it again, but when the computer turns off and on again, the date and time remain unchanged. Here are some reasons why and how to fix bugs fixed on the computer for your reference.


Cause: The contact between the CMOS and Mainboard battery is low or the battery is out of CMOS

In this case, though, you fixed the system time with the current time, but when you shut down your computer and turn it back on, it’s still wrong.

How to fix:

– Cleaning, cleaning the interface between CMOS and Main Battery

– If it does not work you should replace the new CMOS battery.

Second Cause: Your User is not a User Adminstrator

Fix: Log into the Administrator account to edit

– Log into the user with Administrator rights and change the date and time of the system, go to Start Menu, click the arrow and select Switch user, then select Adminitrator (Figure below)

– If you do not see the Administrator account as above then it means that your account has been hidden (Disable). You will then need to boot your computer in Safe Mode, which will then have Administrator account to edit your system time, refer to how to enter Safe Mode here.

– If you do not have Administrator account (no password to login), then you can edit the system time in the BIOS. Check out our BIOS access tutorial here.

Third: Because your computer has programs that freeze the hard drive, so after fixing you reboot the machine is not effective.

Fix: You need to check if your computer has software that freezes hard drives like Deep Freeze Standard or Reboot Restore Rx …? If there is any need to remove the ice and then modify the system date.