Fix Windows Store Cache Error may be damaged on Windows 10


When you encounter Windows Store Cache errors on Windows 10, you will not be able to view and download the application, now how should you fix the Windows Store cache error? If you are having difficulty, you can follow our content below.

Windows Store Cache Error on Windows 10 is a common error for Windows Store users on Windows 10. Like many Windows Store failures as a result of it, you are annoyed when you can not access Windows 10. To avoid the Windows Store crash phenomenon on Windows 10 occurs as well as crash Windows Store on Windows 10 that you often encounter.

Even in the Windows 10 version of Creators Update, the use of Windows Store error is inevitable, but errors such as Windows Store Cache error on Windows 10 ISO does not seriously affect the operating system should read can be somewhat rest assured. Waiting for the next Microsoft patch for Windows Store on Windows 10 ISO.


Option 1

Step 1: To fix Windows Store Cache on Windows 10, the first thing you need to do is to start the “wsreset.exe” command, which allows you to restart everything on Windows Store including Cache. This can also be considered a way to fix Windows Store Cache errors on Windows 10.

– First open the Start Menu with the Windows key and then type “wsresset.exe” and click on to launch this application.

– If the CMD window pops up, ie wsreset.exe is running, you wait for the Command Prompt window to shutdown automatically.

Step 2: As soon as the Command Prompt window closes you will be redirected to the Windows Store and if you go to normal and download the software. If this is the Windows Store Cache error on Windows 10 has been fully overcome.

Option 2

Step 1: If this does not help you fix Windows Store Cache error on Windows 10 then proceed as follows. Access to the computer directory under the following path: C:> Users> on the computer> AppData> Local> Packages> Microsoft.WindowsStore_8wekyb3d8bbwe> LocalState

In LocalState you will see the Cache directory, and our task here is to rename this directory.

Step 2: You change the folder name to Cache.old and create a new folder.

Step 3: With this new folder you name it Cache, which is the new folder with empty cache, equivalent to resetting your Windows Store to fix Windows Store Cache error in Windows 10.

After this operation you reboot, then go back to the Windows Store to see if Windows Store Cache has been fixed on Windows 10 or not.

The above two ways will help you fix Windows Store Cache on Windows 10, you can apply one of two ways or both ways in case the method 1 is not effective with Windows Store Cache error on Windows 10. But if you Fixed a Windows Store Cache error on Windows 10 that was unable to access the Windows Store on Windows 10. You may have encountered another error. Please refer to how to fix the Windows Store on Win 10 to see the status of Windows Store on Windows 10 how to offline

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