Fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error on Chrome browser

If you encounter ERR_CONNECTION_RESET in Chrome when browsing a few web pages, this means that the browser can not establish a stable connection or absolutely do not have a website you want to open. While some sites open well, others show this error. Connection reset means that when the data is received by the peer computer, in this case, you can not handle it. This post will show you how to fix error 101, ERR CONNECTION RESET in Google Chrome browser on Windows 10/8/7.


When you see this error message, you’ll also see the following message:

This website is not available, The connection to was interrupted, Error 101 (net:: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): The Connection was reset

Here are our suggestions on how you can fix it. Make sure to reload the page after each change you make to find what’s right for you. As usual, I will split the troubleshooting steps into two. First for PC and second for Chrome.

Troubleshoot PC network problems

1] Check your network cable, restart the router and reconnect

Basic tips, but sometimes the cause of the problem. Make sure you check that your cable is properly connected to your computer or router. If you connect via WiFi, be sure to restart your router once. Finally, you choose to forget the WiFi you have connected and then reconnect.

2] Delete Proxy:

  • Hit Windows Key + R and enter “inetcpl.cpl” and hit enter to open Internet Properties.
  • Next, go to the Connections tab and select LAN settings.
  • Uncheck Use a proxy server for your LAN and make sure to select “Automatically detect settings”.
  • Click Ok then Apply and restart your PC.

If you are using a third-party proxy service, please disable it and try again.

3] Delete DNS and reset TCP/IP

Sometimes the site does not work because the DNS in your computer still remembers the old IP. So be sure to Flush DNS, and Reset TCP / IP.

To FlushDNS, run the following cmd command:

ipconfig /flushdns

To reset TCP / IP, run the following command on CMD:

netsh int ip reset resettcpip.txt

4] Increase MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit)

Speed ​​up internet also helps. Here, it means you can increase the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit), RWIN (TCP Window Receive) parameters.

  • Go to Settings> Network & Internet> Ethernet
  • Note Active Wireless / Wired Network Connection, such as Ethernet
  • Open cmd with administrator privileges.
  • Type the following command in CMD and press Enter:
netsh interface IPv4 set subinterface “Ethernet 4” mtu=1472 store=persitent

5] Disable the AppEx Network Accelerator feature

AppEx Networks Accelerator is known to slow down network connections. Many people report that it slows down the network speed by 70% to 80%. It’s best to disable this feature.

  • Go to Settings> Network & Internet> Ethernet> Change adapter options.
  • Right-click your network and select properties.
  • Find AppEx Networks Accelerator and uncheck it.
  • Save and exit to see if the problem is resolved.

6] Delete WLAN configuration (When connected to WIFI network)

When you connect to many networks, all of them are stored on your PC. Next time you reconnect to that network, it will automatically connect. It is possible that one of the networks has been changed, and it is not connected properly, or it may be disconnected from the network. It is best to delete all WLAN profiles and start new ones.

7] Reinstall the Network Adapter Drivers

If deleting WLAN configuration does not work, it is possible that the network drivers are corrupted. You will need to re-install the network adapters and reinstall the network drivers for best results. Windows Update will immediately download the driver and install the new driver.

8] Disable WiFi Miniport

Hit Windows Key + X and select Command Prompt (Admin).

Type the following command in cmd and press Enter after each command:

netsh wlan stop hostednetwork
netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=disallow

Exit the command prompt then press Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog box and type: ncpa.cpl

Press Enter to open Network Connections and find Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport and right-click and select Disable.

Fix Chrome issues

I would suggest a few things here. This will ensure that if there are any malicious software or installations that are restricting the network, it will be handled.

1] Start your browser in Safe Mode

Just like Windows Safety Mode, Chrome also has Safety Mode where Run Mode does not have any user settings and extensions. You can run it manually or just use the keyboard shortcut to launch Chrome in Safe Mode and see if your issue is resolved.

2] Run the Chrome Cleanup Tool

Run the Chrome browser’s built-in cleanup and malware scanner. It helps you remove unwanted ads, pop-ups and malware, Extraordinary Startup pages, toolbars, and anything else that destroys the experience by hitting the webpage by overloading. pages with memory requirements.

Type in the address bar:


3] Reset Chrome settings

This option is similar to Reset Windows 10. When you reset Chrome, it will return to the default settings during the new installation. It will disable all extensions, extensions and themes. In addition, the content settings will be reset. Cookies, cache, and site data will be deleted.

Let us know which solution works for you to resolve the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error in Chrome.


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