6 ways to fix Bluetooth error are not included in Device Manager


Can not connect a Bluetooth device to a computer? Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, microphone, headset or other wireless devices are not recognized in the Windows computer? Device Manager does not have Bluetooth Radios in the Device Manager list? This is the Bluethooth error not in Device Manager on windows. So, this article will introduce you 6 ways to fix this Bluetooth error on Windows offline.

Where is Bluetooth in Device Manager? Typically, if Bluetooth works well, it will be displayed in “Network adapters” or “Other devices” in some cases.

However, there is no Bluetooth adapter in the Device Manager or the Bluetooth adapter that is not in the Control Panel can occur in the following situations:

  • After installing new Windows.
  • After updating Windows as a Windows 10 update.
  • After installing updates from Windows Updates.
  • After installing some unknown software.

Why can not I find Bluetooth in Device Manager?

If the Bluetooth Devices item is not available or disappears from the Device Manager or Control Panel, the user is definitely unable to connect the wireless device via Bluetooth to the computer. The main cause of this problem:

  • Bluetooth drivers are outdated, missing, or damaged.
  • The Bluetooth Support service has not started.
  • The Bluetooth Support service is not configured to use an admin account on a computer.

Another reason why Bluetooth is not included in Device Manager is that the Bluetooth adapter is damaged and Windows can not recognize it, but this only happens in rare cases.

If Bluetooth radio disappears from the Device Manager or there is no Bluetooth connection in the Device Manager/Control Panel, then the user can apply one of the following six methods to resolve the issue. These methods apply to computers like Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, Sony, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, IBM, Alienware, Compaq, Gateway, LG, Microsoft, MSI … on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

Troubleshooting not found Bluetooth in Device Manager

Method 1: Turn on the Bluetooth Support service

Stopping or disabling the Bluetooth Support service may cause the installed Bluetooth device to not function properly and prevent new devices from being found or connected. If the Bluetooth adapter still works and it is not showing up in Device Manager on Windows 7, Widows XP, or Windows Vista, try turning on the Bluetooth Support service.

Step 1.  In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, click Start , in the search box type services.msc, and click on ” Services ” in the Programs list. For Windows XP, click “Start” and “Run“, type services.msc and click “OK“.

Step 2. If prompted to enter the admin password or to confirm, enter password to continue.

Step 3. Find the Bluetooth Support service and double-click it.

Step 4. In the popup list, click ” Start “. On the ” Startup type ” list, select ” Automatic “. Click the Log On> Local System account> OK tab .

Step 5. Restart the computer.

Method 2: Set up the Bluetooth Support service recovery option

If the Bluetooth Support service continues to stop, the problem of no Bluetooth in Device Manager persists, the user can try to reset the service. Perform step 1 to step 3 in Method 1 above, then click the ” Recovery ” tab and select ” Restart the Service “.

Method 3. Fix the Bluetooth driver

Performing a manual Bluetooth driver fix is not easy, users need to find out the driver error, download exactly the driver that needs to be installed. However, with a professional driver repair tool like OSToto Driver Talent , you can easily fix a Bluetooth driver. This free utility will help you find the problematic Bluetooth driver, and then download and install the most suitable driver for Bluetooth. This will fix the Bluetooth problem not working.

Step 1. Run Driver Talent to scan your computer.

Step 2. In the scan results, click the Bluetooth item to repair the driver.

Step 3. After installing the bluetooth driver, reboot to save the changes.

Method 4. Remove suspicious software

In some cases, some of the software you just installed on your computer can “kill” Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is disabled immediately after installing certain software, please uninstall the software and reboot the computer.

Method 5. Perform system restore

System restore restores the state of the computer to the previous state. Users can use this feature to restore the computer to the date Bluetooth is still functioning normally. Because system restore will delete the data that was added to the computer after the restore point, back up important data as needed.

Step 1. Access System Restore by typing “system restore” in the Start search box.

Step 2. Select a restore point when Bluetooth is working properly.

Step 3. Confirm the restore point and wait for it to finish.

Method 6. Add Bluetooth USB Adapter

Another fast solution that can be used to fix Bluetooth error is to add a new Bluetooth USB adapter to your computer. This Bluetooth USB is very small and easy to plug into a standard USB port. Try Driver Talent to download and install the Bluetooth driver. Then, you can use any Bluetooth device with your computer.