How to fix “0xc00000e9” error on Windows


Error code 0xc00000e9 occurs when you perform the installation process, the connection is incomplete or incorrect. The result will be an “An unexpected I/O error has occurred” message, which may have resulted from a hardware failure. Data in the Registry, Malware, Incompatible versions …

In this article, I will guide you how to fix “0xc00000e9” error on Windows (An unexpected I/O error has occurred).

Fix “0xc00000e9” error on Windows

When you encounter an “An unexpected I / O error has occurred,” you will receive symptoms such as unstable computer performance, incorrect program activity, startup errors and other registry errors, sudden shutdowns lead to data loss. Let’s find out how to fix “0xc00000e9” error on Windows.

Method 1: Disconnect peripheral connections

Please disconnect all connections to peripherals and external devices by turning off your laptop/desktop, then unplug all peripherals connected to the computer. such as external hard drives, printers, USB drives, wireless mice, keyboards … leave the screen so you can see the status on the screen.

After removing all peripherals, restart the computer and check if the problem is resolved. If the problem is resolved, connect the external device one by one until you find the problem.

Method 2: Use Hiren’s Boot

You need to have a bootable CD or USB boot (you can refer to how to create boot on the usb quickly). Once you have the boot device attached to your computer and access the computer’s boot mode and choose how to boot from the machine to access the USB boot (refer to the article on how to access boot mode from the machine. calculation).

After booting on the boot screen, click Dos Programs.

In the new interface select “Hard Disk Tools …”

Continue to select the “Test/Repair Bad Sectors” feature.

The disk menu will appear. Select your drive from the menu (if not recognize the device look at your disk space).

From the Options menu, select “Check and Repair Bad Sectors”.

Now that the repair will begin, it may take a few minutes to a few hours. You have to wait until it’s finished, after you’re done, restart the computer. If you still receive the “0xc00000e9” error, please try to update the BIOS to the latest version and load the default BIOS, format the hard drive and reinstall the operating system (note the data problem), send the computer to the warranty center .