Fix 0xc000007b error the application was unable to start correctly


The 0xc00007b error is a quite annoying error that users can not open the game file, AutoCAD, photoshop … To fix 0xc000007b error, the user is not able to start correctly users need to use the following software to support.

Error 0xc0007b leads to many important software that can not be installed on the computer. In the top 5 computer repair software, there are many famous software but not fix 0xc0007b error effectively.


Step 1: To fix the error 0xc000007b the application was unable to start properly first you need to download the error fix 0xc000007b on a computer called aio-runtimes.

Download aio-runtimes.exe HERE.

Step 2: Run the installation of the aio-runtimes.exe software.

Step 3: Then you mark the software on the computer want to update. As many games, software … need these applications can be started.

Press Install.

Step 4: Wait for the software to be run on the computer. For example, Net FrameWork.

Or DirectX is also updated with aio-runtimes.exe.

The above is a detailed guide to help users troubleshoot 0xc00007b error on the computer.

There are also basic errors on the computer that make our process difficult. When you encounter these basic errors you need to grasp the basic errors on the computer to be able to correct errors quickly. These are some simple errors such as: full of memory, loose RAM devices, hard drive… It is not too difficult to understand and recognize these errors when encountered.

Some error files on the computer cause the user cannot delete by clicking Delete normally. So how can I not delete files? When this happens, you need to download Any File Remover software and follow the instructions to fix the problem does not delete the file on the computer. Stubborn files, infected with the virus will be quickly removed from the computer with this trick.