Fix 0x8024a105 Error Windows Update on Windows 10


Updating your Windows 10 is a necessary step but some errors can interrupt your day. An error you may encounter is 0x8024a105 stopping the Windows Update process. Each time you click on Check for updates, the problem will reappear with the Retry button immediately. Here we’ll show you some tips to help you get rid of this annoying problem.

Fixed issue 0x8024a105 Windows 10 during installation update

It is important to know that the following are 5 essential methods to handle 0x8024a105 Windows 10 Error during installation update. Workarounds include running Windows Update Troubleshooter, removing Windows Update and Agent, and finally customizing some Updates and Security settings. The methods listed in this article have worked on all computers. Before we start, the few adjustments listed here need a command line shown below, I am sure you are comfortable with this.

Start the Windows 10 Update Rollup for Windows

An operating system like Windows 10 has better debugging versions. Although, using Windows 10 Windows Update Troubleshooter is the least intrusive solution for Microsoft’s error code 0x8024a105. But this opportunity can help you keep track –

  • Step 1 – Click the Windows button on your keyboard, enter “troubleshoot” and then press Enter.
  • Step 2 – Find Windows Update in the right pane and click on it to expand. After the extension, select Run the troubleshooter. It will immediately start scanning for problems that occur on your system, following the instructions on the screen until it finishes.

When all these steps are done, your Windows Update Troubleshooter can tell you that nothing is found or wrong. If this is the case, reset Windows Update. If you do not find anything else, all you need to do is follow the next method.

Reset the Windows Update component

Step 1 – Open the Elevated command prompt window and type the command will be listed below. Please note that you will need to click Enter after pasting a copy of each order.

net stop bits

net stop wuauserv

net stop appidsvc

net stop cryptsvc

Step 2 – Now go to C:WindowsSoftwareDistributionDownload and delete all the items available here.

Step 3 – Go back to the command prompt, paste the following commands each time you press Enter.

net start wuauserv

net start appidsvc

net start cryptsvc

When you finish each command, all you have to do is restart the device or computer for the changes to take effect. Go to Update & Security, and click Check for updates to see if Error 0x8024a105 Windows 10 happens again. If then follow the next method.

Run the Windows Update Agent tool

When you reset Windows Update Agent, it will purge and repair all registry entries including WU related components, identify corrupted files, replace, solve system problems, recover Winsock. and more.

  • Step 1 – Download To reset the Windows Update Agent from the Technet site, extract it, right-click it rather than select Run as Administrator.
  • Step 2 – After prompting the Windows Update Agent, press the Y key on the keyboard to complete the operation. Restart your system and see if it checks for 0x8024a105 Windows 10 Error during installation update has been fixed.

Reset the Catroot2 folder

Catroot and Catroot2 are responsible for storing WU signatures further, which also helps the computer to install updates. Error 0x8024a105 in Window 10 could be caused by the Catroot directory. So follow the road ahead –

Step 1 – Launch Command Prompt and type or copy-paste each one in sequence then hit enter each time –

net stop cryptsvc

md% systemroot%system32 catroot2.old

xcopy% systemroot% system32 catroot2% systemroot% system32 catroot2.old / s

Step 2 – Now go to C:WINDOWSSystem32catroot2 and delete all items from here. At the command prompt, paste below the command followed by Enter.

net start cryptsvc

Restart your system and hopefully, you will not find any more errors in the Windows update.

Customize Windows update settings

To fix error 0x8024a105 Windows 10, sometimes you need to change the settings in the Update & Security section. This is a trick and works as a charm for many users. So,

Step 1 – Browse Settings => Update & Security => Advanced options and select the check box before giving me another product.

Step 2 – If you are using an intranet, click Delivery optimization from the bottom of this settings page. Switch the Allow downloads from other PCs option to enable.

Now Check for updates and wait until it starts to work. Cheer up!