Fast file transfer on Windows 10 with Near Share


There are many ways to help users transfer, send files or other content on a PC such as cloud computing or applications and websites. However, Microsoft has introduced a fast file-sharing feature that is included in the next version of Windows 10 called Near Share to help users no longer need intermediate services.

This feature is similar to AirDrop on MacOS but it is based on Bluetooth rather than Wi-Fi. In addition, it requires users to send and receive files must be in the Bluetooth range, and must have a Bluetooth compatible computer.

Using Near Share in Windows 10 makes file sharing fast

First, you need to enable Near Share in the Quick Settings section of the Action Center. If the quick action does not immediately show up, check out Settings> Notifications & Actions> Add or remove quick actions.

Open the application for which you want to import shared files such as Microsoft Edge, Photos, File Explorer, or applications that use Near Share.

On the page or application that contains the share, find the Share icon (In the File Explorer, you can find this icon by right-clicking, and in the Photos app, it’s usually at the top of the screen … ). You will see a list of devices at the top, select the PC you want to share (any PC within Bluetooth with Near Share feature will show).

The receiver will be informed to accept the request and share the wireless content.

Note: This feature only works on devices running Windows 10 RS4 Build 17035 or later.