Enable the Dark mode for Google Docs

Today, dark backgrounds (or dark background interfaces) are becoming a trend for developers to add applications and services to their products. Even big companies such as Microsoft or Apple have started updating this mode to their latest operating system products. There’s no denying the benefits of a darker background, and applications and services will use less power (especially on batteries), and your eyes will look better and less eye strain when working on them. night,…

With Google’s products, apps, and services, dark backgrounds appear very little. Therefore, to be able to add this mode to Google’s applications and services, users need to rely on the help of third-party utilities. And in this article, we will try out Darkdocs, a Google Chrome extension that provides a dark background for the Google Docs service. As follows.

Start the Google Chrome browser on your computer and visit this address, then click on the “Add to Chrome” option to install Darkdocs for your browser.

Once installed, the icon for the Darkdocs extension will appear in the Chrome extensions area.

Now restart your browser and access the Google Docs service, open the document or new document, then you will see the Google Docs interface completely switched to dark background.

Full screen editing interface Google Docs with dark background.

When drafting documents.

Although there are still some places that are not really “dark”, but it is also worth trying. Hope this article will help you.

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