Download non-Watermark image ShutterStock on Chrome

Download non-Watermark image ShutterStock on Chrome

If you are a person or a habit to view photos on ShutterStock with beautiful photos by topic, then you definitely want to download them as desktop wallpaper. However, ShutterStock does not allow downloads, or is loaded but must come with Watermark. Today, will help you fix that.

Extension free download photo on ShutterStock is shared by Phan Tuan – member J2TEAM. Since this is a tool that is written and packaged as an extension, you can install it easily on Chrome and Cocoa, with a few simple steps:
Step 1: Download and unpack the extension at the link below:

Step 2: Access chrome://extensions/, choose developer mode then click Load unpacked.

Step 3: Find the folder that contains the files you have extracted. Then click OK.

Step 4: Turn on the Nohat.SE extension as shown below:

Now we go to Shutterstock to download any content offline. Then click on Tai Ve May .

Click Find Download Link to get link download tool.

Here are the results:

Now you can download HD quality images without the shutterstock watermark. Good luck!

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