Disable Recycle Bin, permanently delete files on Windows

Normally, when deleting a file on Windows, the file will not be deleted immediately but will be saved in the Recycle Bin. Then you’ll have to do another cleanup. But if you do not want to do this second step, we will show you how to permanently delete a file in the article below. Please refer to.

Option 1: Disable Recycle Bin

Step 1 : Right-click the Recycle Bin icon outside of the Desktop and select Properties.

Step 2 : In the Recycle Bin Properties dialog box , click on each drive and check the Do not move files to the Recycle Bin option. Removes files immediately when deleted. Then click OK.

So from now on, when you delete a file, it will not move to the trash anymore.

Method 2

When you do not want to set up as just want to choose which files to delete permanently, you can press Shift + Delete key combination.