Delete Recent Files on File Explorer Windows 10


Each time you manipulate any action on the File Explorer, such as opening folders, or files,…. on your Windows 10 computer. File Explorer will display the folders, files that you recently used.

But for some reason you do not want this information displayed on File Explorer and do not want other users borrowing your computer to use will know what you did, you can “clean” the calendar. Use the Recent Files on Windows Explorer to clean up “traces”.

To “clean up” the Recent Files history on the Windows 10 File Explorer, follow these steps:

On the File Explorer, click the File menu, then select the Change folder and search options.

On the Folder Options dialog box, on the General tab, click Clear to clear the history on the File Explorer. When done, click OK to return to File Explorer.

You will now see that there are no Recent Items displayed on the File Explorer.