Customized Windows interface with Rainmeter ✔️

Customized Windows interface with Rainmeter ✔️

One of the most popular software for replacing old Windows widgets is Rainmeter. You can customize the look of your computer’s home screen with gorgeous and unique skins. Rainmeter’s superiority is lightweight, It’s easy to install and use, and moreover, it has a wide and varied skin support system.

If you want to change the desktop background, you can use Rainmeter. We will guide you to use Rainmeter through the articles below.

Install Rainmeter

Rainmeter is open source software and is provided free of charge, available for download at the official site of the software here or on the Github.

Once downloaded, double-click the Rainmeter.EXE file to launch the software installation interface.
The installation and configuration process is relatively straightforward and does not have any components installed.
After the installation process is complete, leave the Run Rainmeter option selected to start the software.

Basic customization

A few seconds after the installation, Rainmeter’s default interface will appear on your desktop.

To close the widget in the middle of the desktop, right-click it and select the Unload Skin command.

Next, to open Rainmeter’s main management interface, right-click on any widget and choose Manage Skin.

In the Manage Rainmeter dialog, you will see a list of the current Rainmeter interfaces and editing options.

Now click on the Active Skins option and select the widget component you want and proceed to customize as you like. The Unload / Load option will allow you to enable / disable the widget, Refresh allows you to refresh the widget state and Edit to open the widget editing dialog with lines of code.

To customize a widget, in addition to the options provided in Manage Rainmeter, you can also customize it from the build code itself. Right-click on a widget to edit and select Edit Skin, Notepad will appear, automatically open the widget source and ready for you to edit.

Rainmeter skin

In addition to the Rainmeter interface sets available from Rainmeter’s official website, users can find and download more from other authors available for free on DeviantArt, and Rainmeter subreddit.

After finding a nice interface, download and you will have a file in the format “.Rmskin”. To install, simply double-click it and click Install in the dialog that appears to be finished.

That’s it, the rest of your work is simply customized to your liking. Hope you will create your own desktop “poison” by Rainmeter.