Customize Windows 10 with the Ultimate Windows Tweaker tool


Customizing Windows parameter settings is a daunting task. The reason is that interventions in the system should be done in a very loosely coupled manner. The wrong thing to do is “eat onions” immediately. That’s why the Tweakers were born. With the goal of simplifying system interoperability, Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 (UWT4) is designed to make it easier for people to customize Windows.

Customize Windows with UWT4:

With UWT4, you can fix a lot of things. I can not list them all because there are so many. Some of the customizations that I feel are necessary are:

Change the appearance of Windows.

For example, here you can customize which buttons will appear in Start -> Power
For example, here you can customize which buttons will appear in Start -> Power
  • Turn off the lock screen
  • Add a login message, forcing login name before login (troll idea season 2 here: v)
  • Tool to speed up the machine (say, optimize the performance is more correct: 3)
  • Fix Regedit lock, Task manager
  • Block autoplay

These are the features that I find most probably used. There are many other possibilities for you to explore.

Advantages of UWT4:

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Extremely powerful
  • Features Restore to avoid errors.
  • In case you want to bring Win back to default, UWT4 has the Restore Defaults feature


There is a comment but it must say that its position is difficult to see.

The comment line is too small and blurry

There is no Recommended feature for newbie, so you will not know how to set up the index.


If you would like to see your settings, you can view the following video. I’m going to shoot it up, but then it will affect the speed of your page load. Also you may not want to see:


With this tool, you can easily customize Windows. However, I also warned you that customizing miscellaneous may cause system failure. If you do not understand what’s good then do not touch it. If you need to download UWT4 then here: