Compare 7Zip – WinRAR – WinZip

An important part of digital life is the compressed directories, which when compressed will reduce the amount of space and help our system more compact. However, there are many different compression software, even the usual operating systems are available in the system. Besides there are very popular software like 7zip, WinRAR and WinZip. Which software is the most reasonable, the article below will compare three software 7Zip – Winrar – WinZip.

7Zip – WinRAR – Which WinZip is best?

WinRAR is one of the most popular and widely used software on the market. But besides the good side, WinRAR is used to attach invalid adware or even to slow software such as hacking virus, virus stealing data, or add-ons. – Advertising annoying.

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WinRAR really good?
WinRAR really good?

WinZip and 7Zip are not known, but are also popular in MacOS or Linux. WinZip is similar to WinRAR, which has a pretty cool interface, is a separate upgrade of WindowZIP.

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7zip is another, quite picky user by using it a bit more complex. However, 7zip is contrary to WinRAR and WinZIP is that it is free software to use. Surely this is an advantage of 7zip before their two opponents.

7zip compression speed – WinRAR – WinZIP

Fengwun has tried all three software, with a compression of 9.5GB we have the following data:

  • 7Zip: 7.9GB – During 10 minutes 15 seconds
  • WinRAR: 8.05GB – In 11 minutes 44 seconds
  • WinZIP: 7.7GB – In 11 minutes 02 seconds

All done on the same system.

We can see quite a bit of difference, the 7zip is clear, because it has the ability to compress faster and the compression level is average. Besides, 7zip takes up less system resources, without jerky while compressing. You can use other lightweight tasks with 7zip without worrying about overload. For WinZIP, the compression capability is optimized but the compression time is longer. WinZIP in the process of compression occupied quite a lot of resources. The WinRAR section is quite unfortunate with the ability to compress and shrink the size.