How to fix Class Not Registered error on Windows 10, can not open file, application


Sometimes when you use a computer you encounter a Class Not Registered error on Windows 10 that can not open a file or an application. What is the Class Not Registered error on Windows 10 and how to troubleshoot Class Not Registered errors? The following guide will list the methods that failed you on Class Not Registered on Windows 10.

You receive a “Class not registered” error message on Windows 10, which is an error that C ++ classes are not declared in a particular program. This not registered error often occurs with the Microsoft Edge browser, Internet Explorer, and File Explorer. Here are some ways to fix, not fix Class not registered on Windows 10 ISO that you can apply offline.

Although it is hard to pinpoint the problem, the Class Not Registered solution on Windows 10 is extremely simple, and there are several ways to fix Class Not Registered errors on Windows 10. Typically, in this article we will class Not Registered on Class Microsoft Edge when this browser crashed on. There are a lot of readers complaining about the use of Microsoft Edge also this error and blue screen error when opening Microsoft Edge anymore, and because has instructed you to fix the blue screen on Microsoft Edge then. In this article we will be going to fix Class Not Registered error on Windows 10.


Step 1: The first and easiest way to fix Class Not Registered on Windows 10 is to access Compoment Services via the Windows + R key combination and type “dcomcnfg”.

Step 2: In Compoment Services, access the Computers section.

Continue to access My Computers.

Step 3: In the My Computers section, double-click on DCOM Config to perform the repair.

Step 4: The system will put the scene on the action you just made, confirm yes to run.

Step 5: Then just open the Start Menu and select Restart to start the machine.


In another case, the Class Not Registered error on Windows 10 on Microsoft Edge occurred due to the Microsoft Edge error and formatting error, so to fix it you need to reset Microsoft Edge as the default open application for Windows 10.

Step 1: Open Start Menu and type “default app” and select Default Programs.

Step 2: In the Default Apps you select the browser as Microsoft Edge as the default.


One more way to fix Class Not Registered error on Windows 10 is to use the scan tool in Windows 10. Of course to deep scan the system you have to enable Admin for it.

Step 1: Open the Start Menu, type “cmd” and select Run as Administrator to open the Admin Prompt.

Step 2: In Cmd you type sfc /scannow to scan the whole machine.

Step 3: After the scan, you should restart your computer.

The three ways that the blogtip will help you fix Class Not Registered error on Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge, apply to many other software applications on Windows 10. Sometimes the error also affects a few processes that cause. You can not turn off Windows 10 quickly, so you need to correct the error immediately if the system to run smoothly as well as shut down Windows 10 quickly.