Check internet speed

Check internet speed

Internet Speed ​​Test will help speed up you are using. This network test tool is completely free and gives quite accurate results. You can apply for speed tests of your ADSL, WiFi or even speed up your phone network such as 3G, 4G to see if the speed that your network provider has committed is right with the speed. Actual when you use or not.

Here is the speed test guide on the computer, without software with SpeedTest.


Step 1: Visit

First, you visit the home page of the network speed test program. After accessing the SpeedTest website, you will see the following interface:

The highlight here is the location of the server SpeedTest recommends you use to test the speed of Internet connection from your computer to that. Based on that to know the speed of sending and receiving data on your Internet connection is how much.

Step 2: Click the Go button.

Once you hit Go, a speedometer will appear and it will start displaying the download speed from the computer to the selected server and the speed of sending the data in reverse (this is the process of uploading and downloading ). It will take a few minutes or a few seconds depending on the speed of your transmission.

Step 3: View the network speed test results

When the network speed test completes, you will see the following interface with the upload and download statistics of the computer to the server selected on your connection.

After finishing the first test, you can also retry the connection speed to that server by clicking the yellow Go button on the image.

Note: During the connection speed measurement you must ensure that no download is being made or any computer on your local network (if any) is using an Internet connection to guarantee the results. is the most accurate. Also, you should run multiple tests on multiple servers in different locations to get the most accurate results.

Currently SpeedTest in some countries around the world has started to leave the Flash platform, moving to HTML. And this change will come soon in the near future. With the support of HTML5, SpeedTest will run smoother on more devices, browsers. Especially Google Chrome and Chronium-based browsers such as FireFox, Opera, etc.