Change Gmail password: That’s how it works

Change Gmail password: That’s how it works

Gmail is one of the most popular email service providers. If you forgot your password, you can change your Gmail password. You have different options for this.

Not only if you forget your password, you should change your password: Especially with mail programs like Gmail, it is very important that you regularly set a new password. This makes it more difficult for potential hackers and other criminals to steal your information. It’s also important not to use the same password everywhere, but at least to set the variant.

How to change your Gmail password

  1. Fortunately, changing your password on Gmail is not a big deal. Instead, you can do so through a section specifically designed by Google.
  2. To do so, just sign in to your Google Account. You can do it under this link.
  3. And then you can choose a new password. You should not use dates or personal names that outsiders can access.

Also, change your Gmail password directly through Google

If you’re signed in to Gmail, you can also change your password in other ways. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Now open your account settings. Now click the “Account” option. The first entry on the open page was “change password”. All you have to do is click on the link and you can follow the instructions above to choose a new password for your Gmail account.