Change default download folder on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox

Change default download folder on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox

How to change the directory saved after downloading files in  the web browser Google Chrome, FireFox, IE …? By default, downloaded files will be saved in the path CUserscomputer-nameDownload, but for some reason you need to change the default save directory, please refer to the following tutorial.

I will guide you on the most popular browser today is Google Chrome, FireFox and Coc, but other browsers do the same thing, but in the  browser’s Settings is out. 😀 OK! We will go into detail in turn one by one.

Change directory to save files on Google Chrome

Both browsers use open source Chromium, so the interface is identical. First you need to copy this path into the address bar of google chrome or cup and press Enter to go to Settings: chrome://settings/

Next click Show advanced settings..

Please scroll down the section Downloadand click Change to change its default path. You can check the Ask file to save each file before downloading to select the question before saving.

OK, finally select the new folder you want to save the file after download. As in this example, I choose the folder BLCSKTin Dthat drive.

Done! That’s it.

Made on FireFox browser

Similar to Google Chrome, in Firefox, you do the following: Click the settings icon the top right corner of the browser> select Options.

At this point you will be taken to a new setup interface, tick the option Save files to> select Browse...

OK, select the location where you want to save the file after the download is complete.

For example, I choose a path like this.

On Internet Explorer.

Step 1: In Internet Explorer, select Tools -> View downloads . Or you press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + J .

Step 2: Display the View Downloads dialog box select Options under the left.

Step 3: In the Download Options dialog box, click Browse and select the folder containing the download file to change. Then click OK to finish.


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