Can not change display resolution of Windows 10? How to fix it

Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft Windows OS, with at least two major updates waiting for Windows 10 in a year. Updates are usually around March to April and September to October.

Obviously, not only the new features are provided by Microsoft whenever there are new updates. Yups, that’s right, there are also issues that you will experience every time you update and one of the problems that WinPoin often has is a screen resolution that can not be changed!

Therefore, on this occasion, Blogtip wants to tell you how to fix the problem. There are at least two effective ways to overcome this problem and here are the details:

Method One (Driver Display Software Update)

First way, first go to Device Manager (right-click on Start and find Device Manager), then make sure that Display Adapter is installed.

If it’s already installed and you still can not change the screen resolution, that means it’s a driver sign (software). The display adapter you used is still in the old version. and does not support Windows 10.

Please update the driver by right-clicking and selecting the driver update option and then you will be faced with 2 options: “Automatically search for driver update software” or “Browse My computer for software drivers “. Just select the first option if you are connected to the internet because later your PC will search for the latest software drivers for you.

Second way (reinstall driver display software)

If the first method does not work, it is a sign that there is a problem with the software driver you have installed. It may be because it is incompatible (or is corrupted) when the driver installation is underway.

If so, then you must manually reinstall the driver display software. Make sure you know what type and brand of display drivers are installed on your PC. If you already know, please uninstall and reinstall the driver.

Well that’s the gaes, 2 powerful ways to fix the problem can not change the screen resolution of Windows 10.

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