12 Best Android Launchers Of Your Device in 2018


The launcher is one of the most favorite apps for Android users, offering a high level of customization and experience. If you are looking for a launcher to use blogtip please share the list of 14 best Android launchers 2018 by Android Authority.

1. Action Launcher

This is one of the best launchers today. Extremely smooth, extremely well-endowed with countless exciting features beyond its competitors. This launcher also owns the latest Android features a quick, even faster, than the famous Nova Launcher.


ADW Launcher 2 is provided with a lot of features or interface that can change color depending on your wallpaper. This launcher has a lot of customizable extensions and handles, which are great for those who like to customize things on their smartphones.

3. Apex Launcher

Apex launcher has been dubbed the best alternative for people who do not like to use Nova Launcher! This interface comes with dozens of exciting features like customizable themes, moving dock bars (in Google’s new style), infinite scrolls, beautiful transition effects, hidden apps, icons. Customizable or custom view style item items etc …

4. AIO Launcher

In contrast to many other launchers that offer high customization, the AIO Launcher focuses on some of the most handy and for those who work much on the samrtphone. Although it’s a little complex at first, but after a short period of experience, you will definitely feel the convenience of it.

As for the interface used on the main screen, instead of displaying a list of applications as other launchers, the AIO Launcher provides all the necessary information so users can easily track and interact quickly. faster without access to each application separately.

5. EverythingMe Launcher

EverythingMe Launcher was removed from the Play Store in 2015 and returned earlier this year. This launcher has a lot of cool features, such as a smart folder that automatically organizes applications. This launcher can learn your usage habits for better compatibility.

6. Evie Launcher

The advantage of Evie Launcher is the simplicity, not many features, many cumbersome customizations, with this launcher, you will be able to interact with your smartphone quickly and conveniently through the swipe of the screen. up and down. Swipe up the app and drawer and swipe down to search Google, the application in the machine. This launcher also allows you to customize icon size, icon distribution, and icon pack support.

7. Lawnchair Launcher

The Lawnchair Launcher, which has just been released recently, is backed by a lot of users because of its interface and some of the features on Google’s Pixel Launcher, such as shortcuts, icon pack, Google Now integration. This is a worthwhile launcher if you want an almost “pure” Google experience.

8. Lean Launcher

Like the Lawnchair Launcher, the Lean Launcher provides an Android stock interface and features such as notification dots, shortcut apps, icon resizability, and a number of features such as double-clicking the screen to lock the screen.

9. Lightning Launcher

Lightning Launcher is simple, lightweight and takes up as little system resources as possible. Some of the cool features of this launcher are that you can customize the location, size of widgets, and lock your favorite apps icon on the home screen … You can watch the video below for more information. About Lightning Launcher:

Fortunately, you can choose free and buy in-app-purchase options to save money. Now let’s see what Next Launcher 3D Shell can do, maybe you will not hesitate to spend money to own it!

10. Nova Launcher

Perhaps this is the top choice when you are looking for a launcher application, certainly so! Nova Launcher brings you personalization, from color, icon size, transition effects to a slew of intuitive gestures like swipe up to open an app, hide application …

Moreover, the smooth and stable, backup and restore settings make Nova Launcher become a name not-not-mentioned. You can buy the Prime for $ 4.99 for full functionality.

11. Smart Launcher 3

Smart Launcher 3 is considered a unique customization application for Android, allowing you to group applications into categories for easy management. In addition, at the main screen, Smart Launcher 3 creates a circle of applications, this will be where you can quickly launch the most used applications, instead of arranging them in a horizontal line boring.

In addition, Smart Launcher 3 also includes an on-screen notification display, a rich theme archive, an application security lock, and even more plug-ins for comfortable use. . This is considered a smart and extremely handy launcher.

12. TSF Launcher

TSF Launcher brings a unique look to those who like to look cool. This launcher has 3D animation, endless dock, and many other customizable home screen widgets.