Automatically click captcha, fast adblock with 2 add-ons for Chrome


With only two small gadgets below, you will no longer have to worry about advertising while surfing on Chrome.

Have you ever surfed the web, seen a good movie or downloaded an app but encountered a shortened link? These links are added by users to earn more revenue from other users click on the link. The annoying thing is that you will have to click captcha and verify that you are not a robot. In some cases, the captive ad copy is a frustrating thing when the ad is constantly appearing. However, with the three small gadgets below, ensure your surfing experience will be raised to a new height.

I’m not robot captcha clicker – Automatically click captcha

This is a nice utility if you do not need to click on those annoying captcha. Captcha will be automatically clicked after the site has finished loading.

In order not to need to verify the image, you will need to sign in to your Google account, and then after clicking, the captcha will be verified. This utility will also not double click in 7 seconds.

Readers may download Chrome or any browser using the Chromium source code here.

AdsBypasser – Passively skips ads and eliminates timeouts

This is an indispensable gadget every time you install Google Chrome. As we all know, with most captcha links, after captcha verification, users will have to wait 5 to 10 seconds for the new site to give you access to the original path. AdsBypasser is born to help users move straight to the root path without having to wait, as well as not having to skip the ad.

Experiments show that this utility works with many types of shortened link sites such as,,,, …

To install this utility, you need to install Tampermonkey first, can download here, then visit the following link here and download the full version of AdsBypasser.

If you want to block annoying ads from link shortcuts, then you can install AdBlock Plus, uBlock Origin or Ghostery to completely remove the ads, making the surfing experience smoother.

Here are two useful utilities to save time while surfing the web that I usually install when installing Chrome. Good luck.


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