Add Page Numbers in MS Word 2016 – How to

Page Numbers is a feature that allows you to paginate Word documents with a variety of digital formatting options and customizations. Pages are usually placed in the page title, footer, or margin. When you need to number a few different pages, Word also allows you to re-number the page from the beginning. Here are the page numbering guidelines on Word 2016. See the video introduction to the Page Numbers feature in Word:

How to add page numbers to text

Word can automatically number the page and place it in the page title, footer, or margin. If you have made the page or footer available, then they will be discarded and replaced with the newly created page number.

Step 1: Select Page Number on the Insert tab.

Step 2: Depending on where you want to page numbering, select Top of Page ( bottom of page ), bottom of page, or Page Margin in the list. Then select the appropriate type of display.

Step 3: The page number will be displayed on the document.

Step 4: Press the Esc key to lock the page title and footer.

Step 5: If you need to change the page number, double click on the title or footer to unlock it. Although you are numbering the page, it is still considered part of the page title or footer. Therefore, it is not possible to select the page number and edit it if the page title or footer is not unlocked.

How to add page numbers to an existing page title or footer

If you have made the page or footer headers and want to add page numbers, Word has an option that allows you to automatically insert page numbers very easily.

Step 1: Double-click anywhere on the page title or footer to unlock.

Step 2: On the Design tab, click Page Number. In the list that appears, hover over Current Position and select the type of page display you like.

Step 3: The page number will be displayed later.

Step 4: Once completed, press the Esc key.

How to hide page numbers on the first page

In some text, you may want to hide the page number on the first page without affecting the rest of the page.

Step 1: Double click the page title or footer.
Step 2: From the Design tab , select the Different First Page dialog box As a result, page headers and footers disappear from the first page. You can type content on the page title and footer without affecting the other pages.

If it is not possible to select Different First Page, it is probably because an object inside the page title or footer is being selected. Please click inside the page header or footer to ensure you are not selecting any objects.

How to re-number the page

Word allows users to re-number pages from any page in the text by creating Section Breaks and numbering pages from specific numbers.

Step 1: Place the cursor at the top of the page where you want the page numbering to start. If it’s a paragraph, place the cursor at the beginning of the paragraph.

Step 2: Select the Layout, Next Page tab in the Section Breaks drop-down list.

Step 3: Now the text has been created a new section.
Step 4: Double click on the page header or footer that contains the page number you want to change.

Step 5: Click Page Number and select Format Page Numbers in the list.

Step 6: In the dialog box that appears, select Start at. This is the first number that you will type in the page, default is 1. If you want you can change, such as numbering from 5. Then click OK.

Step 7: The page number will be re-typed.