About us

Blogtio.org is a Web/Blog Personal, was establish in early 2015 with the criteria of sharing knowledge about all things related to technology, such as using computer, using the phone, tips To use the Internet most effectively .. to help you have an exciting new experience and achieve high performance in the work.

All the articles that I post on the Knowledge Sharing Blog are written by myself, or written by my collaborators, and are aggregated selectively from reputable sources.

The criteria set up when the blog is “QUALITY QUANTITY”, so all the articles are full and intellectual investment, gray matter, scientific presentation. Little, but with the desired, is the place to share knowledge fully and most useful for the community.

I will share everything I know and have experienced the reality and it is really useful for everyone. What you know is so small, and what you know is the same. But if we share together, build together, will it be completely different?

With the criterion of “Sharing Everything”, we hope to be able to convey the latest information, the best tips for everyone, thereby bringing a useful product, meet the needs of the majority user. Besides, I also need the article sharing experience that you have experienced through.

Do you want to share knowledge that you know for everyone to learn, exchange? Do you want to earn some extra income in your free time? Join the group of authors of blogtip.org through the Associate Page here!

Newly established blogs will certainly be inevitable shortcomings, I will try to improve gradually. We hope you will support blogtip [dot] com to be stronger. Thanks All !!