8 Reasons Telegram is the only messaging app you need

8 Reasons Telegram is the only messaging app you need

When thinking of the messaging app, the first name that appears in your mind is WhatsApp. This is very easy to understand as it is the first messaging app that is widely used globally. As for the privacy of Facebook, WhatsApp has also upgraded, improved and introduced a number of new features.

Today there are many better alternatives out there, and one of the best options is Telegram. What makes it unique? This article will introduce some features that make it the only messaging app you need.

1. Edit the message

Spelling mistakes when composing messages is very normal, but for important messages sent to your boss, you do not want that at all. It’s good to be able to quickly correct the main error before the recipient sees it. Thankfully, Telegram offers this feature.

To edit the message in Telegram, press and hold the desired message. After a few seconds, the context menu will appear, click the Edit button and you will be able to edit, change the content. The receiver will see an indicator on the screen and they know you are changing something but can not see the original message.

2. The secret conversation

Smartphones are filled with private information and messages are the place to store the most information. Telegram protects user privacy with Secret Chat.

There are many reasons people want to chat secretly like planning to prepare a party for a loved one or you are “feeling” a guy / girl and do not want someone to know or can You just want your conversations to avoid prying eyes.

Secret chat uses end-to-end encryption, does not record any content on the Telegram server, cancels itself after a certain time.

3. Send large files

How many times have you sent a picture, video, document to WhatsApp and received a ” File too large to send ” message? Because WhatsApp limits the maximum file size to 16MB. But this number is nothing compared to high resolution files like today’s 4K.

However, Telegram allows users to send files up to 1.5 GB in size. So, you can send most files from one phone to another.

4. Watch YouTube videos while chatting

Most messaging applications, when receiving video, you can not simultaneously watch video and chat with friends. However, with Telegram, you can do two things at the same time.

To watch Youtube video while chatting, touch the thumbnail of the video link to play, then continue chatting with your friends while the video is playing, click the Picture-in-Picture icon.

5. Create multiple chat groups

As a beginner, WhatsApp only allows you to add 100 members to a chat group. Then, in February 2016, this limit was increased to 256 people. However, this number is nothing for Telegram. Instead of a few hundred, Telegram allows you to add 100,000 members to a group chat.

Such multi-member groups are called Supergroup, which has a unified messaging history, message pinning, private message retrieval, and hashtag. To upgrade from a regular group to a larger group, open the group chat and tap the ” Edit ” button at the top right of the page. On the next menu, select Convert to Supergroup .

6. “Last seen” feature

WhatsApp does not provide a way to customize the viewer’s “Last seen” information, it only has two options, one is everyone, two is none.

Telegram offers more options, you can choose who was last known online when. To choose who can see your status, open the Telegram and go to Settings> Privacy and Security> Last Seen in Who can see của Last Seen time, select My Contacts . Under Add exceptions , you can click Always Share With and Never Share With to select the appropriate contact.

7. Add the sticker to the photo

People may find it annoying to see pigs or rabbit ears, but some people like it. And if you like to add stickers to your photos, Telegram offers interesting photo editing features like Snapchat.

8. Controlled images, downloaded videos

On WhatsApp, when receiving a multimedia file it will automatically download to the camera gallery on the phone. Although you can set automatic stop stops but can not preview. You can only see blurry images and evaluate whether to download them.

However, on Telegram, you can choose to download all multimedia files received but can set so that the application does not add them to the photo library. Go to Settings> Messages> Save to gallery to set this up.