3 way replay, repeat YouTube videos

3 way replay, repeat YouTube videos

During YouTube video viewing, you sometimes find videos that you find very interesting and you want to replay YouTube videos.

YouTube has repeatedly repopulated the video play button, so you can not revisit the YouTube video automatically when it plays out. But with this automated YouTube video playback, you can replay YouTube videos as easily and quickly as the previous YouTube video repeat button. Please follow me.

Loop a video within YouTube:

You open a YouTube video that needs to be replayed automatically and right-click on the video or the play button and clicking the Loop option.

If you have “bored” this video and do not want to watch again, just right-click and uncheck Loop is finished.

How to play YouTube videos repeatedly

First, you also open the video you want to watch and then add the repeater after the word www.youtuberepeat

For example: the original url of the video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPME4uRf_sE, the new url will be https://www.youtuberepeat.com/watch?v=wPME4uRf_sE

And now, you will be redirected to the new page view and will be automatically replayed every time.

It may be for some reason that your Youtube video does not have a Loop loop. Or do not want to have to add a repeater in the background, you can use the browser add-on.

YouTube video playback with Looper for Youtube

  • Click Add extension to install Looper for Youtube on Chrome browser.
  • Immediately after successful installation, you will see the utility icon appear at the end of the address bar and have the message as shown below.
  • You open the video you want to view, and the Loop icon will appear below the video. We just click on it to repeat the video.
  • In addition, the Looper for Youtbe widget has additional customizations with YouTube videos, like repeated video, or just repeat the video you specify. Right below, we’ll see the area to further customize the video playback.
    • Loop for : check box and enter the number of times (times) want the video playback right next to.
    • Loop a portion : Select the time on the video you want to repeat . We will fill the start time video from , the end time video to . Youtube videos will only automatically repeat the time we have chosen.