is a private IP address that can be assigned to any local area network device. It can also be assigned as the default IP address for some router models.

This address can be manually assigned to devices on your local network that are configured to use this address range, such as laptops, smart TVs, phones, desktops, tablets, Chromecast, etc .. and as the default address for the router, is the IP address that is integrated into the device when it is manufactured.

Note: Addresses and are easily confused. The home network uses the 192.168.1.x address (such as rather than the 192.168.100.x address.

How to connect to router

Administrators can log into a router with this IP address by accessing it as a URL. In the web browser, enter the following address:

After accessing the above address, the browser prompts the user to enter the admin username and password.

If you do not know your modem account and password, go there 

Administrators can easily change the router’s IP address from a default or custom number to Some people may choose to change this address with a more memorable address to log into the router.

Note: Most routers do not use as their default IP address, instead using,,, or

Set address as the IP address for the client

Administrators can choose to assign addresses to any device on a local area network, not just to the router. This can be done automatically through DHCP or manually to create a static IP address.

To use DHCP, the router must be configured to have address within the pool of addresses it allocates. If a router starts its DHCP range by address, tens of thousands of addresses in the range with lower numbers such as are not used. Administrators usually specify as the first address in the DHCP range so that not only is used but also addresses such as,, etc. are also used.

By manually assigning a static IP address, the network mask of the router must be set up correctly to support the IP address.

More information on is a separate IPv4 address, which means that you can not connect to a client device or router from outside the home network as with a public IP address.

Its use only relates to local area network (LAN). When using this address, performance or security is no different when using other private network addresses.

Only assign an IP address of to a device. Administrators should not assign this address manually when it belongs to the router’s DHCP address range; otherwise, an IP address conflict will occur because the router can automatically assign the address to a device though. Another device has used it as a static address.