Use to connect to your router. If this IP address does not work, your router will use a different router, which you can find with our IP Search Guide for Windows, Android, Mac OS, Linux, and iOS.

IP address is the specific address specified by some router manufacturers in their device’s hardware settings as the default IP address. It allows users to access the internal settings of the router or modem.

This private IP address (as well as the well-known IPs and is used in most networks and small businesses because ISPs typically assign a unique IP address to a device that is used to Connect to the Internet, If many of your devices need Internet access, a network address translation (NAT) port is used to connect to the Internet. is classified under the IP Class C classification (as defined by IANA RFC 1918).

Find IP routers

If your router’s IP address is different from, you will need to refer to the appropriate router manual for standard logins and processing instructions.

Once you know your router’s default password and can connect to the administration console, you should change your router’s default password and use a secure password. It’s not easy to remember complex passwords deviated from the standard, but a password manager like KeePassX (or similar) can be very useful. Do not change the default password of the router will cause large security holes in your network. It can be particularly vulnerable if you are using port forwarding and your network is accessible over the Internet.

Some brands use IP address as:

  • Westell DSL Modem (ONLY INCLUDED)
  • Some Linksys Routers / Modems
  • 3Com router / modem
  • Hundreds of routers / modems
  • Netopia / Cayman Gateways

Search for a standard router password for: …

The default username and password

The most common default username and password for routers using is the default address of admin/(blank) and admin/admin.

For Netopia routers, the administrator/administrator or administrator/1234 should be used as the default user and password.

See our default router password page for a list of routers password extensions.