Admin login, How to find router’s IP address and modem username password IP address (some people mistakenly refer to 192.168.l.l) is the login page that is frequently used in the internet usage of any customer.

Usually you use address when you have Internet problems, Or if you want to change your wifi password.

However, there are also many manufacturers of modems, routers do not use as the default login address as or so sometimes you also attention.

Now we will explain to you why use this ip adress and when to use it.

What is is the IP address, the Internet Protocol acronym. Every computer is like a house, to get to the right place, the houses need to be numbered and the IP is given to do numbering.

This is the concept of evaluating addresses for devices in a computer network. The device may be a computer or a printer but usually it is your modem, your WiFi transmitter. Usually technicians use address as the default address for the network, Modem but still there are some devices selected default address is or some local range Other IPs.

How to access Router login

To access it, you need to connect your modem to the internet via Wifi or LAN port then open new tab in the Web browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, FireFox and enter the address of the browser tab.

access home gateway

Once you have access to the modem management page, you can change many settings such as QoS (quality management, network speed), DNS, Proxy, LAN, WAN, wifi password change, PPPOE dialing, block wifi access by MAC address or over IP, WPS, DSL, and many other advanced customizations.

For a normal user, you should not change the settings that you do not know because it can cause network disconnection, wrong network configuration that can not transmit wifi or very weak waves.

Why can’t login

Cause not to access the modem address a lot, which mainly causes the wrong access to the IP address of the modem.

Because the login address is not

As noted above, neither Modem line has the address, it can be or any address according to the manufacturer’s settings or has been changed by the previous user ( may be the installation staff). Therefore, you should refer to the IP Address Modem we mentioned above. not default ip

In case of failure to access due to modifications, you should proceed to reset your Modem. But if no knowledge of computer should not do because the reset Modem also means you have to reinstall network, or you can get help from the operator in this case.

Find your router’s IP address

With Command prompt

Press the Windows key and ‘R’ together and type ‘cmd’ then press Enter to open Command prompt. At the prompt type ‘ipconfig’ and press Enter. You will see a list of network adapters in your computer. Browse through the information to find the number next to Default Gateway. This is the IP address of your router.

Default Router IP Address List

Below you can find your router’s IP address. Once you know which is your router’s gateway, type it into the address bar. You will then have to introduce your user and password login credentials.

In case of wrong password is not rare because in addition to the default password, the installer has the right to change the password under the name of your contract. In this case, if you can not login with the default password, call the operator’s help desk as well as avoid resetting the modem.

The wrong password

Some modem lines have a lot of changes and do not follow the defaults.

So you need to know the username password.

Because the system has multiple transmitters

You will not be able to access of the Modem you are using if you are an extra device, not the sum and your network also has many WiFi Modem connected. At this point your IP address will be automatically allocated under Total Modem. And to resolve this situation you just need to disconnect from the net to access

Of course we usually do this to change the WiFi password or reset our WiFi Modem in case of need and then reconnect.

Default Router username and password 

Below is a list of account names, passwords and IP addresses to access the modem of the network for you to simplify the search. change password wifi

Change wifi TP-Link password

Step 1: Access the default router address, then enter admin and password.

Step 2: Then click on Login. The configuration window starts to appear. Look in the left pane, click on Wireless -> Wireless Security. In the Password field, enter the Wifi password you want to set and click Save.

Step 3: Now click on System Tools, select Reboot and click on Reboot to restart the network.

Change wifi LINKSYS password

Step 1: Install Modem with PC and open IE browser to enter address (the default address of the device)

Here you enter the Username and Password is the default admin and admin and then Enter (Case sensitive).

Step 2: Switch to the Wireliess tab, where you can rename the wireless network in the Wireless Netword Name (Figure 2).

Step 3: Switch to the Wireliess Security tab, in Security Mode you can select the appropriate encryption technology, this article we choose WEP (you can choose WPA or WPA2 according to your needs) , then enter the password and select Save Settings (Figure below).

Change wi-fi Tenda password

Step 1: Install Modem on your computer and then open your browser (IE recommended), then automatically go to Tenda’s installation page. If not, please enter the address, then click Advance Settings.

Step 2: Go to the WAN/WAN Settings/Wireless Basic Settings tab to enter your network name in the SSID (see below).

Step 3: Switch to Wireless Security tab to set the password for Wifi network, you need to set some of the following options:

– WPS: Set Disable

– Security Mode: Mixed WPA / WPA2 PSK

– WPA Algorithms: TKIP & AES and enter your password in the box below.

Finish click OK (Figure below)


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