691 is the second most commonly used IP address to access the modem/router configuration page (in most cases, the default IP address is

If you need to access your router/modem’s configuration page, just click this link or copy/paste it into your browser’s address bar:

If you just purchased your modem/router, you must enter the username and password specified in the device’s guide to your credentials. Usually the username is admin and the password is admin (the first thing to do is change the password to prevent the neighbor from connecting and changing the profile).

Want to understand more about ip addresses and find out why you use

Sit comfortably: the explanation is simple but adequate. The ip address is a code that identifies an entity in the network: it may be your laptop, your iPad, but also a website. In fact, each site is associated with a unique IP address identifying it in the Internet world. When you enter the google address on your computer, the two information will come to your modem; The ip address of the person who requested to view your site (your computer) and the site you want to visit (google).

There are two types of ip addresses: public and private.

Public addresses are visible to anyone who is connected to the internet and for this reason they must be unique (if the same ip is used by two different sites, you may never see one. two sites or see a different site at each refresh).

Private addresses are used in local lanes and are not spread to the internet; In this way, all the PCs you have at home can all have their own ip without having to use a scarce public ip (and thus be paid).

There are about 17 million private IPs that can be used but by convention, we almost always use two ips to access the router configuration page: and

I entered 192.168.O.1 but it does not work!

NOTE: The IP address is only NUMERIC

Sometimes rush writing happens to hit the letter O instead of zero; good test. It happened to me more than once to reset the modem just to realize that I had written the wrong address.

Once you reach the configuration page of your modem, you can change the basic settings to get the most out of your new router. Remember to check out our guide for details!