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70 is the starting address of the IP address range for the private network, including all IP addresses to address So that IP address is usually not used on the network (on devices such as phones or computers not assigned this address). So what IP address is used?

Some networks that include addresses but do not start with this address can be used on devices without any problems.

On the router (router) is assigned a common IP address is This IP address is used because the router (router) is on the network. Similarly, the router on the network is usually assigned local address, the private IP address is

Why Useless Devices Address

Each Internet Protocol (IP) is comprised of a continuous range of addresses. The first number in the address range is used by the protocol to specify the entire network. The network number usually ends with a 0.

After address is set as the last network number will not be used for other purposes. For example, if an admin tries to assign as a static IP address to any device on the network, the entire network will stop working until it is offline.

Note that the address can still be used as the device address if the network is set up with a large IP address range (such as a network set from to

That is why IP addresses ending in zeros are rarely present on the network, except for the address.

How large?

The size of the network depends on the selected subnet mask. For example:

  • The address range between and has about 65,534 servers.
  • The address range between and has about 16,382 servers.
  • The address range between and has 254 servers.

Broadband home routers running on the network are usually configured to, which means that the device typically uses as the internal gateway address. This setting allows you to assign 254 devices on a network with a valid IP address.

Note: Home Network can handle multiple devices at the same time. If there are more than 5-7 devices connected to the router (router) at the same time will cause performance problems. This is not due to the limitations of the network, but because of signal interference and bandwidth sharing.

How to do it?

The dotted decimal notation of the IP address converts the actual binary number used by the computer into a form that the user can read. The binary number corresponding to address is:

11000000 10101000 00000000 00000000

Since this is a separate IPv4 network address, when pinging the network or connecting to the Internet or other external networks it can not route to is used as a network number so this address is used in the routing table to share network information between routers (routers).

Replacement Address

It is possible to replace the address with other addresses ending in 0, which address is a conventional problem.

As mentioned above, router (router) used in the family is usually installed address to log modem rather than address, ie the router can have its own IP address is so that you can log modem, network router.

After this article hopefully readers will know more about how it works as well as what IP address is used for. If you have any additional questions, comments, readers can leave comments, comments in the comments below.

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