15 NirSoft software you should have

NirSoft has some of the best free and free Windows utilities that make it a perfect software library that can do most of the Windows tasks without the actual installation. The good thing about NirSoft is that you can download all the individual software according to your needs or the whole package with its own launcher, aptly named NirLauncher.

In case you are wondering what utilities you should choose from the list of 100 small software, here is a basic list of some of the most useful NirSoft Utilities that every Windows user should have.

Note: Windows Anti-Virus can find some NirSoft utilities such as potentially unwanted software or as a trojan. You can safely ignore the warnings.

As the name suggests, CurrPorts is a network monitoring tool that can display TCP / IP and UDP ports currently active on the local computer. This tool is especially useful in analyzing the connections currently being used by different programs.

CurrProcess is like a portable replacement for Windows Task Manager but displays rich information about running processes such as connected DLLs, file paths, base addresses, etc. In addition to parity Detailed information about the process, you can perform all common functions, killing a process, etc.

TCPLogView is especially useful when you want to log every open and closed TCP connection with a variety of information such as local address, remote address, event time, event type, port, and so on.

If you want RegFileExport  from a reg file that has been stored somewhere on your hard disk then RegFileExport is the application you need. The good thing about RegFileExport is that it can retrieve information even from a damaged reg file.

Windows has various utilities placed in different folders in different locations. SpecialFoldersView the list of all directories in one window so that you can easily access any of them with a single click.

MyUninstaller can be used as a replacement for regular Windows uninstaller. But unlike Windows, MyUninstaller displays additional information about all your installed programs and allows you to export that list as a text file or HTML file.

DiskSmartView gathers all the SMART information of the installed hard drive and lists that in a single window. Information includes, but is not limited to, the firmware or serial number, temperature, error rate, and so on.

Using DiskCountersView, you can see the total number of reads and writes of each drive in your system. Along with that, the application also displays information as often as hidden areas, partition numbers, etc.

BlueScreenView is a simple utility that displays minidump files created in blue screen of death. These minidumps can be used to analyze the cause of BSoD.

USBDeView lists all the USB devices that are currently connected to your computer. Besides listing devices, it can also help gather more information about the device and uninstall the device itself.

WinCrashReport acts as an alternative to the Windows Crash Report application and lists all the applications that have crashed recently. The good thing is that it will display extensive information such as exception codes, memory addresses, etc.

FolderChangesView can be used to monitor a selected folder for any changes. If any files in the selected folder have been changed, this simple application will record the changes and events.

DriverView acts as an alternative to Device Manager and unlike Device Manager, it lists all loaded device drivers with rich information such as load address, file type, etc.

As the name suggests, LastActivityView displays all the recent activity and events collected from different Windows sources in a user interface.

WhatInStartup is a powerful alternative to the usual Windows Startup manager. This application displays a variety of information about command line sequences, registry positions, file systems, etc. WhatInStartup also includes a Permanently Disable feature, which allows you to disable a perpetual application.

That’s all for now and hope that helps. Make comments below share your favorite NirSoft utilities.