10 rules to take photos to your photos more beautiful, more vitality


    Taking photos on your smartphone is now so easy, when you just hold the phone up and press the capture. But how to make your photo more beautiful, more vitality, try the 10 rules of photography below. Following the rules will not only help you get more beautiful photos, but also help you improve your photography skills.

    You do not have to memorize all 10 rules, take the time to practice with each rule. Gradually you will experience when to use what rule to take. Maybe we did not shoot well in the first place, but keep practicing, the results you get will definitely be great.

    1. Choose a simple scene

    When you take a picture, you will definitely target your subject and focus on it, even if the scene does. But the camera does not, it captures everything. And if you do not want the viewer to understand what you want to capture or want to emphasize, cut off the excesses in your scene and shoot.

    As you can see from the picture on the bot, the sand scene will highlight more rocks than the whole rock is like the picture on the top.

    Capture Tip:

    • Bring the camera closer to shooting with wide shots.
    • If it is still, then remove the unrelated objects.

    2. Fill in the gaps in the picture

    This is a very common mistake that many people make and even myself suffer. It comes from the moment you take a picture that leaves a large gap on one side or the other, making the viewer feel confused.

    Capture Tip:

    • Bring the camera or subject or subject closer to capture.
    • Align the subject or subject in the center of the frame.

    3. Change the aspect ratio

    It is boring if your photos are still in the familiar 4: 3 ratio. Try a 1: 1 aspect ratio square or a 16: 9 wide screen picture frame. Changing the frame rate will greatly boost your creativity.

    The aspect ratio of the images is 4: 3, 1: 1 and 16: 9

    Capture Tip:

    Adjusts the aspect ratio of the settings in the camera application.

    4. Avoid the center of the frame

    This is a more advanced shooting rule when you are used to capturing objects in the center of the scene. Putting the subject or object out of the center of the frame creates a deeper picture. However, to take such pictures, you need to have time to practice because it will require you to have a better feeling than to close your eyes and shoot again.

    The Burj al-Arab Hotel is prominent in the middle of the sea when it is slanted to the right of the frame

    Capture Tip:

    Leave the subject or object out of the center of the frame.

    Choose the angle, lighting conditions, scenery around, … the most suitable.

    5. Take advantage of the available navigation options

    These can be trains, fences, … and can also curve or straight depending on the scene. Taking advantage of these lines will help adjust the viewer’s view of an object or object that you want to highlight. Or simply the parallel lines will create a picture that adds depth.

    An example of directions converging to a point to highlight the subject standing in the middle
    Another example of using a navigation path. Do you see the depth of the image increased?

    Capture Tip:

    • Find the right angles to take advantage of the parallel paths so that they converge on the subject or object.

    6. Take advantage of the diagonal lines

    Just like the above we make use of straight-forward paths, but this rule will be the same as the higher difficulty version of the above rule. The use of horizontal lines will make the image more stable, giving a solid feel, etc. But if you turn them into diagonals will bring a sense of something play with, dangerous or should be stronger.

    This guy driving car is cooler at this angle
    Feeling like flying in a plane to the horizon

    Capture Tip:

    • Take advantage of straight lines and choose the right angle.
    • Can tilt the camera to shoot if necessary.

    7. Leave space

    This rule is for you to capture moving objects. Of course, we will have to guess the direction of the subject or subject and leave a little space before shooting to when the camera is at the same time objects or subjects are in the middle of the frame.

    Our car is running too fast not right

    Capture Tip:

    • Manual focus before shooting.
    • Adjust the shutter speed faster if necessary.

    8. Background control

    With smartphones that do not have the ability to delete fonts, background control becomes more important than ever. And even if your computer has good fonts to remove, you should also consider the layout of your background.

    The background here is the background behind the subject or object of the picture. If you control the background is not good, the pictures you take may cause confusion, even to the eyes of the viewer. But if you know how to take advantage of the shooting angle, even the worst-looking backdrops can make the most out of it.

    The mediocre scene and an unexpectedly beautiful photo

    Capture Tip:

    • Change the shooting angle until you find the angle you want.
    • Swap, align the object or subject to match the selected angle of interest.

    9. Creative with colors

    Not only is the color combination dark and dark to create a color contrast, you can also choose the color of the same color for the image, … There are countless different color combinations to help your image become more beautiful.

    Capture Tip:

    • Try creative with the colors you have.

    10. Break the rules

    Rules are essential for you to perfect the skills you do not have, but when you have the skills, they are the ones who impede your creativity. Let your imagination fly further.

    Do you recognize the rules that are familiar in this picture?

    Capture Tip:

    • Simply put the rules aside and leave the stage for creativity.

    As you have seen, taking beautiful pictures is not difficult. The problem is that you have enough patience as well as enough time to practice or not. I wish you will take beautiful pictures like that.